A Solar Collaboration

Music Collaboration

On July 25th 2008 the original Kong Studio was burnt to the ground by Murdoc Niccals.

In 2017, it has been brought back to make music powered by the sun.

This unique studio will form new collaborations from renewable energy.

It's a sun harvester by day and a music maker by night.

The sun rises, the E.ON batteries power up. The sun sets, the beats drop.

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Watch how the Sun can Power the Night.

Solar energy is now really loud: together with the English pop band Gorillaz we have produced a video, for which exclusively solar energy and battery storage was used.

Behind the Scenes

We got the Power: Take a look at how we illuminated the night with Solar power.

E.ON Solar

With us the sun shines even at night. With solar energy from E.ON we not only light up the desert, but also let households throughout the world shine.

With an E.ON photovoltaic system on the roof, a large part of your own electricity consumption can be covered. Excess power is then fed into the power grid or stored at home. So everyone can illuminate the night by using the day and simply convert the solar energy into electricity with the E.ON SolarCloud and the E.ON Aura electricity storage.

Save Solar Energy for rainy days

Use 100 percent of your solar energy: Store electricity in the E.ON SolarCloud, a kind of savings account for your electricity. You can pull it back out of your E.ON SolarCloud at any time - and provide your home with it.


Energy according to your needs

With E.ON Aura, you can generate 70 percent of your electricity needs. If you do not consume your self-generated solar power, but instead feed into the grid, you will receive a feed-in tariff according to legal requirements.


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