Clear as day: save with solar energy

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Wind energy, biomass or hydropower – most renewables are used in high-tech, costly projects for power generation. However, if you would like to contribute to a green future, solar energy is probably the right thing for you.

With an E.ON Aura photovoltaic system on your roof, not only can you cover a large portion of your own power consumption, but you also receive a feed-in remuneration when you feed your power into the power supply grid. Or you can decide to store your energy and thus live even more self-sufficient with the E.ON Aura power accumulator or the E.ON SolarCloud.

Easily become a green electricity producer for a low price

Environmentally-friendly generation
Environmentally friendly generation

Produce your own power with your E.ON Aura photovoltaic system.

Store and manage efficiently
Store and manage efficiently

Temporarily store your power intelligently almost without loss and always keep track of your consumption via an app.

E.ON Aura
Convenient consumption

Use your self-produced solar power. Your residual power demand will be covered up to 100% from green electricity.

Use 100% of your solar power with the E.ON Solarcloud

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You can now store your excess solar power in the E.ON SolarCloud and become independent 365 days and nights a year.

Store virtual power in the E.ON SolarCloud

Use power as required

Excess credit is refunded

Our solar offers

Save power virtually unlimited with E.ON SolarCloud starting at € 21.99 per month.

Now store the energy from your solar system in self-learning solar cell batteries. Price including installation starting at: 90,000 SEK.

Sign up with E.ON now for the feed-in rates

Buy your own solar system now for 115,000 CZK and secure up to 60,000 CZK in subsidies.

Invest with GreenXMoney now

Even without your own solar system, you can benefit from the opportunities of the energy revolution. Professionally conveyed and managed throughout the entire lifetime by our partner GreenXMoney.