Gas & electricity

Gas & electricity that works hard for you

We offer competitive rates and outstanding customer support, switch to us hassle free.


A brighter outlook with solar energy

Generate, store and manage your energy with an E.ON Solar system.


More than just hot air

We’ll heat your home for less. With us, you’ll get low prices and a high level of customer service.

E.ON Home

Whether you'd like to monitor your PV battery, smart meter, or electric vehicle, or just need to adjust the heating or put the lights on - make yourself comfortable with E.ON Home and save energy at the same time. 

E.ON Home
E.ON Drive

Electrifying your journey

We offer emobility solutions to both our residential and business customers. International demand for electric mobility is growing every day and with our sustainable and innovative products and services, we offer effective solutions for every market – especially in countries like the UK, Germany and Denmark.