Why E.ON Heating

Home is where you should feel comfortable - and where you can control your temperature. E.ON is there for you as your heating partner, we will provide for you the energy solution that suits you and your needs. Simple, reliable and sustainable.

Nobody feels exactly like you

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Imagine coming home and your house is cold. Not a nice thought. You should feel comfortable in your home. A comfortable temperature is important, and that’s where we come in.

Today, tomorrow and in the future:

E.ON Heating systems - heat, sustainable and reliable

Heat, Sustainable and Reliable

No one wants to have a cold shower, shiver on the couch or at dinner. Your comfortable temperature shouldn´t be a luxury - it is something you expect, anytime of the day. Everyday life is stressful enough, the best possible heating supply shouldn´t be. E.ON is always there for you, your reliable energy supplier for heating. Whether you are looking for a new hot-water tariff or you want to generate your heating from natural gas, green electricity or fuel cells. Or, you want to replace an outdated heating system with a new, more modern and more efficient one. We have the heating solution that’s right for you.

Our promise is simple. We will find the exact energy solution that suits you, your needs and your home.

Good reasons for E.ON heating systems

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This is how

Our partners are located throughout Europe wide and we will give you personal advice where ever you live - in your home.

E.ON Heating systems - breakfast

Modernise your old night storage heating. The E.ON Wärmemanager makes it possible. Find out more here.

Would you like best possible comfort and to reduce your consumption? That is exactly what E.ON ClimaSmart stands for. The smart thermostats control your heating autonomously and at a fair price here

We create Energy from air.  That’s right - that is exactly what Air Source Heat Pumps do. You are just one click  away to get more information about this innovative heating solution. Find out more here.


Is your old condensing gas boiler inefficient? Get a new condensing gas boiler and don’t just save nature, but also money here.