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Live your life and leave energy to us

There is no place like home, so we know it’s vital that you find a home energy solution that suits you. Whether you’re living in your own house or sharing a flat, we can help find the right electricity and gas tariffs for you.

Your life. Your home energy solution.

Electricity that works hard for you

Find an electricity contract that works for you. We offer competitive rates and an outstanding customer support, switch to us without any hassle.

A brighter outlook with solar energy

Do you want to produce your own energy? With E.ON Solar and Storage, you can generate, store and manage your energy, all from your smartphone.

More than just hot air

We’ll heat your home for less. With us, you’ll get low prices and a high level of customer service.


There are lots of good reasons to choose us

Keeping an eye on tomorrow

We’re proud to be designing the energy of the future. That’s why we’ll make sure you always get electricity and gas at a fair and low price. We are also investing in the expansion of renewables and offer first-class service to all our customers. We’re your energy partner, with our eyes on the future.