Our business model serves all customer segments: From smart charging for private households to tailored mobility and energy solutions for businesses and municipalities.

We empower private households across Europe to enjoy hassle-free electric mobility by providing smart charging at home and seamless charging on the road – with 100 percent renewable energy.

We enable international businesses across all segments, from retail to logistics, to electrify their company fleets and provide smart charging solutions to their customers and employees. We furthermore provide utilities and municipalities with white label charging solutions for their customers and employees.

Hereby we support throughout the process: From the submission of funding applications to the construction and operation of the charging infrastructure on private and public premises. Hereby we offer one-stop solutions: From hardware and software for cutting-edge charging infrastructure to digital operation services.

For our technical solutions we mainly focus on global players like OEMs, oil & gas industry, fleets, parking operators as well as the charge point operators of the different countries. Here we benefit from our 10-year experience and long-time partnerships.

Today we jointly serve more than 1,500 business customers with our charging technology.

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