Our new E-Mobility Business

Three business areas

With the transfer of RWE’s shares in innogy to E.ON, innogy has become part of the E.ON Group. Now, the two groups of companies can collaborate more closely. This benefits not only the companies involved but also, and in particular, the customers.

E.ON and innogy have now joined forces. As an international E-Mobility solution provider we offer intelligent hardware, software and integrated E-Mobility and energy solutions. Together, we serve private, business and municipal customers worldwide.

The relationship with our customers and partners provides the foundation of our E-Mobility business, both at E.ON and at innogy. Therefore, we assure continuity and reliability in this dynamic market. All contact points will remain unchanged.

Together with our respective partners we build and operate one of Europe’s leading charging networks for our customers.

As an international frontrunner of the mobility transition we will actively shape the electric mobility market.

charging hardware

We develop

As an international E-Mobility technology provider innogy eMobility Solutions GmbH develops  hardware and cutting-edge software (IT back end) in-house in both Germany and the US for customers worldwide.

e-Mobility and energy solutions

We sell

As an E-Mobility solution provider, both E.ON and innogy will continue to sell their E-Mobility solution bundles to private customers, businesses and municipalities.

leading charging network

We operate

In collaboration with partners, E.ON and innogy together operate one of the largest charging networks across Europe. Overall, we have installed charge points at customer sites in 25 countries worldwide. This sums up to more than 36,000 charge points.

One vision: Electrifying your journey

our customers

Our customers

Our business model serves all customer segments: From smart charging for private households to tailored mobility and energy solutions for businesses and municipalities.

our solutions

Our solutions

As an international technology provider, we develop our hardware and software products in-house in both Germany and the US. All our products are easy to use, intelligent, modular and safe. innogy eMobility Solutions GmbH has a long-standing record as a technology provider and will continue to specialize in this field in the E.ON family.

our team

Our team

Our teams consist of E-Mobility experts across all markets with a wide range of expertise and 10 years of industry experience. Our strong international presence combined with our growth and innovation ambitions make the new E.ON Drive the E-Mobility place to work for.



The Electrified/Talk is a place for visionaries and decision-makers to exchange ideas on contemporary mobility, develop ideas together, and advance technologies. In panel discussions, experts explore how electric mobility will influence our everyday mobility.

Facts and figures

36,000 charging points

36,000 charging points

In total, innogy and E.ON have installed more than 36,000 charging points at customer sites around Europe and the US. In Germany for example 200 regional energy companies are part of our charging and roaming network.

100,000 charging transactions per month

100,000 charging transactions per month

innogy and E.ON focus on smart charging. The backend smoothly operates more than 12,000 smart charging points and 100,000 charging transactions per month with a reliability of more than 99,8 percent.

180 Ultra Fast Charging sites

180 Ultra Fast Charging sites

A key component of our European charging network will be the 180 Ultra Fast Charging sites that are currently under construction.

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We gladly provide you with information on our E-Mobility products and answer your questions. Just give us a call.

E.ON E-Mobility Hotline:
0800 12 18 95 55

You can reach us by phone between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.

innogy E-Mobility Hotline:
0800 88 88 862
United States: sales.us@innogy.com
Any other country: emobility-support@innogy.com

You can reach us by phone between 7am and 8pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Our technical support is available 24/7 under the number displayed on our charging stations.