What are the charging speeds for an electric car?

There are three categories of charging speeds at the moment. Slow charging means you can charge your car in 5 hours, fast charging takes 1 hour, and ultra-fast charging takes just 20 minutes. This is an average and depends on battery capacity and car model.

Do electric car charging speeds vary?

Yes, there’s variation within each charging speed. Exact times depend on car model and battery size but they’re getting faster every year. 

What does ultra-fast charging mean for me and my electric car?

It means that long journeys are more achievable than ever. Stop off for a coffee for 20 minutes and your car will be charged when you’re done. 

How far will a full electric car charge take me?

A full ultra-fast charge can take you up to 310 miles – that’s about the distance from Brussels to Hamburg, Rome to Milan, or Munich to Berlin! Again, this depends on battery capacity and car model.

Where can I find an ultra-fast charging point?

At the moment, there are only a few ultra-fast chargers all over Europe but this number is set to boom in the next few years. Also E.ON is working now to expand its charging network – e.g. with its Partner Clever in Scandinavia.

Will ultra-fast charging get even faster in the future?

Yes it will. Experts estimate that in just a few years battery charging times will go down to 5-10 minutes. By the way: the ultra-fast charging stations that E.ON is deploying can be easily upgraded to these new charging speeds in the future.  

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