Electrified/Talk Vol. 3 “Charging in everyday life” from the E.ON Headquarters in Essen

Electrified/Talk Vol. 3: How easy is e-mobility in everyday life really?

And can the development of the charging infrastructure keep up with the rapidly increasing number of new registrations of electric cars? Answers to these and other critical questions are addressed in a discussion between Electrified magazine and its guests Simone Raskob (City of Essen Department for Environment, Transport and Sport), Karsten Wildberger (Board Member of E.ON), David Balensiefen (CEO GridX) and Rainer Zietlow (record driver and owner of the Challenge4 agency). Watch the exciting discussions that were held on Thursday, 12.11.2020 at the E.ON headquarters in Essen.


Electrified/Talk Vol. 3, Episode 1: Charging on the road

Fast and easy charging is a basic requirement for the rapid growth of the number of electric cars on our roads. But how well does the public charging infrastructure in Germany already work in everyday life? Where is there potential for improvement and how can a nationwide expansion be accelerated through public funding programs? You can find answers to these questions here.

Electrified/Talk Vol. 3, Episode 2: Charging at home

In the future, about 80% of all charging processes will take place at home or at work. But what does this mean for the power grid? What requirements must the private charging infrastructure meet to ensure that charging continues to run smoothly as new registrations of electric cars increase? Smart wallboxes guarantee optimal network control.

Electrified/Talk Vol. 3, Episode 3: Charging at the company

Charging an electric car during working hours has many advantages. But how can dynamic charging management be used to establish a cost-effective charging infrastructure for companies? And how can peak loads be avoided by growing fleets of electric cars?  You can find answers to these questions here.

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Electrified/Talk Vol. 2 “Charging Infrastructure” at E-world 2020, Essen

Is the charging infrastructure a key to the success of electric mobility?

Is the charging infrastructure a key to the success of electric mobility? And who is responsible for the construction? Electrified magazine discussed these and other exciting questions with Kerstin Andreae (BDEW), Karsten Wildberger (E.ON), Johannes Pallasch (NOW) and Thomas Schmall (Volkswagen Group Components) as part of Electrified/Talk Vol. 2 on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 at E-World in Essen.


Electrified/Talk Vol. 2, Episode 1: Infrastructure

Charging infrastructure is ultimately the driving force behind the transformation of our mobility. But who is responsible for providing it? Do we see the expansion of a nationwide charging network in the coming years as a task for the whole society, or is it up to the utilities and the automotive industry?

Electrified/Talk Vol. 2, Episode 2: Fast Charging

How can we succeed in establishing a fast and efficient network of nationwide charging solutions in Germany? In order to solve this problem, Volkswagen and E.ON are cooperating on the expansion of the charging infrastructure.

The prototype of a flexible charging station was presented at the E-World in Essen. With these flexible quick charging points, the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric cars could be accelerated. 

Electrified/Talk Vol. 2 Episode 3: The Future

Will we have a nationwide network of charging infrastructure in Germany in 2030? Will fast charging then be part of our everyday life? Or will development progress much faster?

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Electrified/Talk Vol. 1 “Future Mobility” at E.ON Innovation Days 2019

What does mobility of the future look like?

Electrified magazine discussed this topic with representatives of the automotive industry, energy suppliers, and start-ups at the Electrified/Talk in Essen on 10 October. In a panel discussion during the E.ON Innovation Days (9-10 October 2019) in the Great Hall of the Zollverein Essen, experts explored how electric mobility and autonomous driving will influence our everyday mobility. Electrified/Talk invited two representatives from the automotive industry, Günter Schuh (e.Go Mobile AG) and Peter Henrich (BMW). Together with Tamy Ribeiro (Wunder Mobility GmbH), Christian Hahn (Hubject) and Frank Meyer (E.ON), they discussed the driving factors of the future and whether we will all be travelling with robot vehicles tomorrow.


Electrified/Talk Vol. 1, Episode 1: The myths of electromobility

Will the electricity grid collapse when too many electric cars start charging at once? Will electric cars become fully established in the next ten years? We explore these questions and other myths about electromobility.

Electrified/Talk Vol. 1, Episode 2: Electric cars in the energy network

What solutions do companies like E.ON offer for EV owners? What solutions does the automotive industry offer to ensure an adequate supply of charging infrastructure?

Electrified/Talk Vol. 1, Episode 3: Everyday electrical life 2025

What roles do data and data protection play and how sustainable will future mobility really be? We investigate answers to these questions.

Electrified/Talk Vol. 1, Episode 4: Autonomous driving

Does the future really lie in autonomous driving? What are the arguments in favor of it? What speaks against it? We have asked our experts.

Electrified/Talk Vol. 1, Episode 5: New mobility concepts

How does the charging infrastructure in Germany and Europe have to develop in order to advance the ramp-up of electric mobility? What programs and funding are needed to achieve the goals?

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