To ensure a secure electronic communication for the E.ON Group, E.ON SE  set up a Group-wide Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Certificate policies supply information about which applications the issued certificates may be used, and what impact this shall have for the applicants and trusted parties.

You can find the current certification policy definitions for certificates used by the E.ON Group here:

Current encryption certificates of your E.ON contacts can be found in the Certificate Portal of the Teletrust EBCA at https://dir.ebca.de.

Technical questions related to usage of PKI technologies need to be clarified with the technical contacts in your organization.

For inquiries regarding certification policies or validity of certificates as well as electronic signatures from E.ON PKI, please contact pki@eon.com via E-mail.

Public Certificate Directory

To enable sending encrypted e-mails to recipients within E.ON Group, the necessary "public keys" of the receivers are published in the certificate directory of the "European Bridge-CA":


Please follow the instructions below to download a recipient’s encryption certificate before sending an encrypted E-mail:

  • As shown in the first screenshot, please copy the letters from the picture (Captcha/security code) to the first input field.
  • Insert the exact e-mail address in the searching field.
  • Begin the search by clicking the "suchen!" or "find!" button.
  • If a suitable entry exists, the public key is offered to you.

  • Download the public key to your computer and embed it into your e-mail program using the link "download certificate" or "Zertifikat herunterladen".

If you are using MS Outlook you can choose alternatively "download vCard" to import the recipient’s encryption certificate directly as a contact.


General Information for Use of Secure E-mail at E.ON

  • For technical and operational questions of your E-mail program, please contact the IT Support of your own organization.
  • Basically, every employee of the E.ON Group, has the ability to send and receive encrypted E-mails.
  • With a so-called micro-SD card it is possible for E.ON employees to read encrypted E-mails with a Blackberry or with Windows Mobile, if it has been ordered.
  • For the ability of long-term access to encrypted content of information, which has been transmitted, is the responsibility of each communication partner. We recommend a safe storage/backup of encryption keys/certificates.