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The future of the future

This is the Tomorrow Lab

Tomorrowlab Cat

We want a better future for the next generation. We’ve thought of answers to the questions people always ask, like: Why can’t we get energy from sausages? Why don’t we store more energy in Tupperware? Trust us, we have the best scientists. Including those who know someone, whose brother’s girlfriend’s sister knows someone who has seen a Nobel Prize winner… We think that the best inventions for planet earth are right here, on planet earth.

Have a look at our ideas! Some of them might never leave the lab, but the others are being used at E.ON NOW! You can find them by clicking the links below.


Shave energy

But not in Movember… (and no, we're not doing a Sean Connery impression)

FINALLY, the hipster beard comes in handy. Store your electricity in your beard! Unfortunately, this only works if your beard is made from copper wires (red heads, your time to shine!). So, for all you non-red heads, we have alternative storage solutions for you!

Tomorrowlab Beard
Tomorrowlab Innovation


Our new star attraction will knock you right out of your tail coat. Our waddling penguins will waddle all over special panels in your house to produce energy. Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet… but we’re working on it.

Tomorrowlab Drone

We deliver

Everyone knows that hangry feeling (hungry + angry= hangry) and it drives you straight to the fridge, which is empty. So, your mum tells you to ‘have a piece of fruit’, NIGHTMARE! With our new pizza drone, you will never have to look at another apple in your life.

Tomorowlab Solar

Time after time

Our research has shown that you would have a lot more time, if you had more time. Our scientists have found a way to add an extra number on the clock. Why it’s genius: the sun shines longer & that means you get more energy! 

Move over mobile homes, we’ve got mobile cities

Recent research has shown that city trips aren’t as easy they used to be. Some cities are now simply too big to travel around! That’s why we’re looking into making cities more mobile. But unfortunately, there’s not much room between the buildings.

Tomorrowlab Smart City
Tomorrowlab Wind Energy

Dragon Energy

This has nothing to do with Khaleesi, but everything to do with our beautiful Drachen (German for kite!). We really do have kites – ones that produce energy! And as we fly ours offshore, there’s no chance of getting stuck in a kite-eating tree. Take that, Charlie Brown!

Tomorrowlab Smart Home

Fix up, look smart

Christmas stress = gift stress. But not with our smart fridge! Only the coolest gifts are good enough for our smart fridge. However, the fridge is not the only piece of furniture that makes your home so clever!

May the fish be with you

We’re always thinking about the future. You’ve heard of the lightsaber, but where is the light swordfish? ... We’re working on it… among other important things.

Tomorrowlab Research

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