Your partner, today and tomorrow

The future is happening right now. And we believe that you should be at the heart of it. That’s why we’re shaping the new energy world around your needs – for a sustainable, smarter, more digital future. 

Smarter, sustainable solutions

Real sustainability is the future of our business – and of the world. That’s why we’re focused on wind and solar energy to create the personal and business solutions that make this a reality now.



Generate, manage and store your energy with our Aura battery and SolarCloud solutions. 



We’re the world’s third largest operator of offshore wind. 

Innovation through everything we do

We think differently. Our huge global network is always working to provide the latest and greatest technology to help improve lives. 

For your home

You want to live your life your way. We’ve created solutions that adapt to your home, so that you get the choice, value and flexibility you need.


For your car

The future of transport is electric. And with lower emissions and less noise, e-mobility is just as good for you as for the planet.

For your business

Want a smart way to manage your building’s energy costs? We’ll help you optimise your business’ lighting, heating and ventilation systems – and manage it all remotely, 24/7. 


We’re investing in the future

We know there are more ideas out there than just our own. And we want to help bring the very best ones to life. That’s where our :agile programme comes in.