Thanksgiving is coming!


Roast the turkey in the oven

The classic and most common way to prepare a turkey is to roast it in the oven. It makes for a beautiful presentation and is super delicious! It takes about four hours to roast a 16 pound turkey (holy smokes!), but do you know how much electricity that takes? It takes roughly 8 kWh to cook your average turkey – an electric oven drawing 2 kW, running for four hours. With that same amount of energy, you could watch about 40 hours of football! Or you could wash 2.5 loads of laundry in hot water.

So, don’t let the turkey cook your energy bill too: Save on energy costs this Thanksgiving by using candles instead of electric lights and put the veggies in the oven with the turkey, so you don’t have to heat it up twice! Another tip: Using roasting bags reduces cooking time in the oven by nearly half.


Cook the turkey in the crockpot

A crockpot is a great way to cook turkey breast. You can add stuffing or vegetables to the slow cooker for another course, which makes everything easier. But: You can only cook parts of the turkey, not the whole bird. Anyway, we love the tender taste with the crockpot! It takes about 6 hours to prepare a yummy crockpot turkey, which uses a good 6 kWh.

Smoke the turkey

Smoking is a slower cooking process for turkey, but ends in a super tasty result. But be careful: If you've never smoked anything before, Thanksgiving is probably not the best time to start experimenting. If you are a smoking expert though, you have two options for your turkey: an arcoal powered water smoker and an electric smoker. Since smoking is a slow and long process, the charcoal smoaker uses about 12.9 kWh for 8 hours of smoking. for a turkey smoked with a water smoker of about 12.9 kWh. As for a common electric smoker it takes 11 hours to fully prepare a turkey – which would use 8.8 kWh. Quite a lot, huh?

Deep fry the turkey

Deep frying results in a turkey with super crispy skin and a fabulous flavor. BUT: If you think of deep frying your Thanksgiving turkey, be very careful. Only attempt this outside, away from buildings or flammable material, and keep several fire extinguishers on hand. Deep frying a turkey calls for a propane heater to preheat a pot of oil, adding in the turkey and then frying it for 40 minutes. Even though it’s a fast process, it takes approximately 22.2 kWh!

Grill the turkey

Cooking the turkey on the grill is a great way to make some space for side dish preparation in the kitchen and to give the turkey fabulous flavor. Remember, you can grill in any weather – just make sure that your grill keeps a constant temperature throughout the turkey cooking process. Grilling a turkey is also very energy saving: It takes 3 hours to grill the turkey and is uses only 5.8 kWh – maybe grilling a turkey is your choice this year, too?



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