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New street lights won’t actually just provide us with light (so…what do they do, you ask?). The new and improved lampposts will soon function as HotSpots and charging stations for electric cars! Our colleagues at Bayernwerk are currently working on a pilot project, testing new and improved streetlights. The newly installed lights not only use energy saving LEDs, but also offer free access to our favorite social media platforms.  Thanks to this project the citizens of Maxhütte-Haidhof in southern Germany will have access to free WiFi if they’re located within 60m of the city hall.

Saving Energy with Light

More and more, our street lights are now using bright, energy saving and efficient LEDs. In the course of a year, it’s possible to save up to €400,000 in a city with 100,000 inhabitants, just by using these efficient bulbs. This will bring benefits to both the city and the tax payers. Bonus! E.ON’s regional suppliers are the biggest street lights suppliers in Germany with almost 800,000 lampposts installed across the country.

Turn the Lights Out

E.ON is currently testing new lamps and light control systems - in addition to free WLAN and power supply for electric cars, the lights also provide data on their current operating status. If a fault occurs, they automatically report to a mobile phone or an e-mail address. The light intensity can also be adjusted by just the click of a mouse. And another option is to put the lights on timer schedules; the lighting intensity can be reduced late at night, so, if the last clubs have closed their doors, you’re not out of luck!

So, free Wi-Fi, light intensity settings, timers and all we need now is a cheeseburger dispenser and we’ll be set!

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