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E.ON is transforming the New Energy World

1.1 Million E.ON customers are digitally engaged. Digitization is a game changer for multiple industries today. With the use of digital technologies existing business models are being significantly changed. More and more, automated and digitized energy networks are developing towards a platform enabling all kinds of different innovative energy solutions beyond pure consumption and feed-in, such as e.g. demand side management, virtual power plants, mobility and efficient usage of storage technologies. With currently more than 130 Research and Development Projects, E.ON is focusing on a new value proposition that it has to offer its customers within the new energy world. 

Let’s start with fast charging for E-Mobility

New technologies are stirring up the mobility market – creating new access for neighboring industries. Electromobility becomes indispensable in the future of the new energy world.

As a commitment to playing a leading role in the transition to E-Mobility in Europe, E.ON has chosen Autohof Strohofer service station near the motorway A3 between Frankfurt and Nuremberg to be the first location in the planned Europe-wide network of Ultra-Fast Charging stations for which E.ON partnered up with CLEVER. "With our project in Geiselwind the future of E-Mobility is becoming a reality for our customers. They need fast charging stations to be able to also travel long distances with electric vehicles (EV). Geiselwind shows how it can be done – today and in the future. The project demonstrates E.ON’s determination to provide modern and powerful charging systems for electric vehicles across Europe. It is based on our proven capabilities in providing and reliably operating infrastructure for e-mobility," said Frank Meyer, Head of Innovation and B2C Solutions at E.ON on behalf of the E.ON and CLEVER strategic partnership.


E.ON's smart roll out

In four selected regions of Germany E.ON has launched pilot projects for the rollout of smart meters. On the islands of Fehmarn and Rügen in northern Germany and in Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Bavaria a total of several hundred customers in the E.ON grid areas of Avacon, Bayernwerk, E.DIS and Hansewerk will participate in the projects.
The smart metering systems relay the customer’s energy consumption every quarter of an hour, while an online portal informs the customer about his or her consumption by means of graphs and diagrams. This way, customers can identify peak consumption times and make savings by changing their behaviour. What’s more, there is no longer a need for meter readings, because the smart meter conveys the recorded values either via the mobile phone network or via Powerline (“Internet from a plug socket”). For the field test, E.ON grid operators have installed the necessary Powerline infrastructure in local grid stations and cable distribution panels.

The smart metering systems provided by E.ON comply with the high protection requirements and technical guidelines of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). In order to protect against hackers, for example, connections between the recipient and the communication module can only be installed outwardly and not inwardly. In addition, the smart metering systems also boast integrated firewalls.

“The experience we are currently gaining as part of these pilot projects and the cooperation with municipality utilities help us to optimize the technical performance of the devices and thus to better align the technology with the customers’ preferences,” explains Paul-Vincent Abs, Managing Director of E.ON Metering. “The launch of intelligent meters is another step towards intelligent grids, which are hugely important for new, customer-orientated products and an ever more distributed energy world”.


Making a profit from the green energy revolution

Even those who have no roof space available to install their own photovoltaic equipment now have a chance to profit from the green energy revolution.
As a private investor you can now invest in solar and wind power facilities online.

To do so, E.ON has entered into a partnership with greenXmoney. The German start-up operates a trading platform that brings together producers of renewable energy with private investors. Starting now, investors can use to make investments in German solar and wind power facilities easily, securely and independently of any particular bank.

The principle involved is simple: Owners of solar and wind power facilities register their units on the greenXmoney platform. Prospective investors can compare the solar and wind power systems – with respect to location, size, output or returns – and then decide which low-price energy producer they want to invest in.
The business model offers benefits for both sides: The revenues from electricity generation provide the "watt" security purchaser's investment with real proceeds without requiring the investor to directly participate in the facility. The equipment operator obtains the money needed while retaining ownership of the equipment at all times and can keep for himself any potential proceeds from above-expected output. In this way greenXmoney differs from other crowd-funding models, which involve the participation in a facility by an investor, either directly or through subordinated loans, thereby increasing his risk.


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