What color is electricity really? Is it white-blue, like lightning? Or red, yellow and/or green, like in a commercial? Why can birds sit on power lines, even though we all know that they are sitting on top of several thousand volts of electricity? And why do lightnings make a zig-zag pattern in the sky?

Lara-Sophie Heber
Lara-Sophie Heber
Communications and Political Affairs

These are questions that probably everyone has asked. Maybe, as a child, you asked and did not get a good answer, and as an adult you might have stopped thinking about it. We’ve changed all that! We’re explaining all these questions and more in our new YouTube series "Physics On the Go" - together with YouTube professional "Der Schlaumacher".

Our films are in German, but you can turn on the English subtitles with the YouTube settings in the video.  

His real name is David and he’s had his own YouTube channel since 2014. In his videos, he shows tips and tricks for everyday life to his more than 77,000 subscribers, and surprises us with do-it-yourself experiments and astounding facts from all different areas. Together with us, in the new series, he answers complex issues relating to energy and electricity, simply and comprehensibly - and in just 60 seconds. So, at the end of each video, you may know a bit more about power generation and its properties. And you can finally give answers to questions that you have always asked yourself.


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