A Neapolitan original


Simple elegance, good taste, and refined understatement are desirable qualities of many products. They certainly apply to an Italian national treasure: pizza.

A non-profit association has defined these qualities as the unique selling proposition of the one true pizza. Founded in 1984, the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) works to promote the style of pizza richest in tradition – the authentic “pizza napolitana” – and to combat what it considers tasteless corruptions, such as pasta pizza, schnitzel pizza, and gyros. Thanks to the AVPN, “pizza napolitana” is now a registered trademark, not only in Naples (where the association is of course based), but worldwide.

E.ON has signed an agreement with AVPN in order to propose affordable power and gas to AVPN’s members in Italy, enabling them to focus on what they do best – making pizza – without being distracted by complicated, expensive energy service.

No other Italian dish is as well known and loved internationally as pizza. That’s why the association receives the support of Naples’s municipal, regional, and provincial governments. Even Italy’s Agricultural Ministry works with the AVPN to ensure that the original Italian style is served in as many restaurants as possible. Real Neapolitan pizza actually comes in only two varieties: “pizza marinara” (made of dough, olive oil, tomatoes, oregano, garlic, and salt) and “pizza margherita” (to which mozzarella, basil, and hard cheese are added as toppings). Both varieties feature the “cornicione,” the characteristic crispy crust.

Nearly 35 years of lobbying have paid off: hundreds of pizzerias worldwide are now AVPN members, including nearly 100 in the US, two in Germany (Berlin and Kaufbeuren), two in Great Britain (Newcastle and Herne Bay), and one in Sweden (Falkenberg). All pledge to uphold the Neapolitan pizza-baking tradition and methods. Member restaurants receive support from certified suppliers and manufacturers, who can provide them with the proper ingredients and equipment.

The custom-tailored service bundle provided by E.ON allows AVPN restaurants to benefit from cost effective offers and high level back-end services. Furthermore, these E.ON‘s proposals are focused on green power offerings from renewable energy, enabling the pizzerias to be sustainable and environmental friendly and testifying it by means of a specific E.ON “100% renewable energy” label to be shown to customers.

Someone who still orders a gyros pizza may not suffer indigestion. But they should at least be plagued by a guilty conscience.

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