Who doesn’t love them? Good rankings and, of course, Instagram!

That's why we are presenting our top 10 most successful Instagram posts of last year. Since our feed contains a mix of mostly pictures, but also some videos, we decided to split the scores: the 10 stars contain 8 pictures and 2 videos.

Because we have specifically set up our Instagram channel as a platform that includes contributions from external users, we are particularly pleased that some of these "outsiders" made it into the ranking.

Wind energy once again proved to be the most popular topic in 2018. These pics got the most likes and comments from our fans. However, another renewable energy issue has made it to the top. Regionally, the ranking reflects the worldwide importance of renewables: from the USA to Great Britain to the Baltic Sea.

Enough with the preamble - here's our top 8+2.

The Top 8 Photos

Our wind farm in Roscoe, Texas, was the largest onshore park in the world until a few years ago. In the meantime, it has lost the top position, but it's still one of the most beautiful. More than 11,000 users saw it the same way.
Roscoe, Texas
Iron-Horse Project
This photo of our „Iron Horse“ project in Arizona was liked more 11.200 times – our 7th place!
The unusual perspective from above is particularly popular - for example, when service technicians take a photo from lofty heights above a wind turbine. This pic is a prime example from a colleague at the Rampion wind farm - with 15,700 likes
Rampion Windfarm
Bright blue photos work especially well on Instagram. Wind energy too. Both in combination resulted in this beautiful photo from @djstocks_photography, which received 16.700 Likes and 240 comments. That's enough for seat number 5.
What would offshore wind energy be without its fantastic special ships standing on stilts? The MPI Resolution has been liked 17,500 times.
Humber Gateaway Windfarm
The popular sunset motif: this time in our Humber Gateway wind farm in Great Britain (almost 19,000 likes). That's enough for third place.
This photo of an offshore wind farm taken from an airplane by @giulia.corra during a sunset achieved more than 19,000 likes.
Source: @giulia.corra
Iron Horse
Our champion 2018! This aerial photo shows the solar park of our “Iron Horse" project in Tucson, Arizona. Almost 42,000 Likes and 300 comments make this picture the clear winner!

Our top 2 videos

At the end of last year we drove to our newest wind far, Arkona, in the Baltic Sea. The result was this video, which was seen around 200,000 times.
Avacon Bird Safety
The video leader beats all records on our channel. The clip shows our colleagues from Avacon attaching bird protection beacons to high-voltage power lines – sitting in a helicopter! The video has already been seen a fabulous 1.1 million times and around 380 comments have been made.

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