Rainer Stenzenberger
Rainer Stenzenberger
Manager Stakeholder Communications E.ON

We have to admit it, Instagram is one of our favourite social media channels. It's a positive community, with a more helpful than hateful attitude. It also offers great content, which is very pleasing to the eye.

That’s at least the case for our E.ON SE channel, where our follower numbers are growing steadily. One explanation to the success is the many users who are constantly contributing their own photographs.

Everyone from wind technicians to tourists are capturing astonishing images of wind farms. Sometimes even with just a snapshot out of a plane window (this was one of our most popular pictures). This pic, along with newer ones, belongs to our Top Ten Instagram Pics from last year. Some images generated a lot of likes and performed very well based on their spectacular perspectives.

Take a look for yourself:

Time for an adventure at sea. Our wind farm Rampion off the English coast.
Wind farm Rampion
This aerial shot of our wind farm in the North Sea appears endless.
Wind farm North Sea

Taken by @robhughes25

Scotland's beautiful rugged landscape was captured at our wind farm, Rosehall.
Windpark Rosehall
Regardless of whether it’s the peak of a mountain or the roof of a supermarket with an installed PV system, Austrians love to climb.
Österreich PV-Anlage

Photo by @mpreis_at

Robin Rigg

@marks1life took this image at our wind farm, Robin Rigg.

And you thought you had a nice office?

Flower power: our wind farm in Roscoe, Texas.

Wonderfully composed picture from @teaandtwigs

Windpark Roscoe Texas
A lot of luggage- the MPI adventure in Esbjerg charges the components for 8 complete wind turbines. The final destination: our wind farm, Rampion.
Windpark Rampion
This image was our most popular aerial shot. Taken at a solar park in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Solarpark in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Photo by @karachoberlin 

How’s the weather up there?

Großartige Drohnenfoto

@cgmcleod14 shoot this magnificent drone photo.

Wind farm alpha ventus
Aplha Ventus

These puzzle pictures are especially popular with our followers. This image was taken at our wind farm Alpha Ventus. From the distance it was taken, it creates a stunning effect.