Innovation Days 2019

Electrified talk with +electrified magazine

Innovation Days 2019

The mobility of the future was one key issue of this year’s Innovation Days in Essen in October. There were around 400 participants from 21 different countries. At a break-out session with E.ON hosting an electrified talk with +electrified magazine with the theme “future e-mobility”. The panel included Frank Meyer (E.ON SVP B2C), Tamy Ribeiro (Wunder Mobility), Peter Henrich (BMW), Günter Schuh (e.Go Mobile) and Christian Hahn (Hubject). Besides discussing the main theme “future mobility” they also discussed 6 other topics.

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The first round of discussions was about the myths of e-mobility and each of the panelists talked about their favorite myth or what they think is the biggest one right now. Peter Henrich pointed out his, which is that with e-mobility, the whole industry is completely turning upside down and new start-ups are taking over. Whereas Dr. Günther Schuh said that almost everybody, even the automobile industry, believe that batteries will become significantly cheaper in the next 5 to 10 years. 

The last round of discussions concerned wishes for the future, which included top auto managers driving their own e-vehicles and implementing more solar cells on cars.

Regitze Christiansen
Regitze Christiansen
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