How to build an offshore wind park

Rainer Stenzenberger
Rainer Stenzenberger
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7 steps. 7 photos. 1 happy ending.


It all starts with a vision: to provide clean, renewable energy to our customers.

Then, the real work gets started.

Offshore is different; rougher, harder. Meter-high waves break against the monopile foundations, salty air corrodes the paint away, strong currents tug at the installations. Like primeval warriors, these turbines must face the biggest North Sea storms that march through the open seas with gale force winds.

Curious to know about how these turbines get out there in the first place? Then please enjoy our short story in pictures about the development of offshore wind farms.

7 steps. 7 photos. 1 happy ending.


1: The Foundation

It looks like a foundation from the inside.

 A final quality check – only perfectly crafted foundations are allowed to set sail out to sea.


2: Specialized vessels


Cuxhaven is one of the ports used to store products & parts & in some cases even serves as a construction base. Specialized vessels & installation platforms are required to transport foundations & turbines.

3: Monopiles

Yellow & anchored firmly in the ground: the monopile foundations protrude from a base that’s up to 24 meters deep. Gradually, all the necessary components, gondolas, steel towers and rotor blades are transported to the offshore location.


4: Manpower


Our technicians take to the field. With first-class equipment & a double & triple safety check, they work at dizzying heights. Prerequisites: advanced stuntman skills, no fear of heights & an adventurous spirit.

5: Assembly

Bob the Builder would be thrilled!

A construction ship assembles the turbines.


6: Service


When the last bolt is tightened, that doesn’t mean that the work is finished. The wind farm needs regular maintenance. Just like in a SWAT team, this service technician rappels down to a turbine.

7: Green Energy

There she rolls, an offshore park at work!

Our newest baby, Amrumbank West, provides green electricity for up to 300,000 households.


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