Go Home & Get Smart

There are many examples of smart applications. A smart oven helps to prepare meals at the exact right temperature, so even those who can’t or don’t like to cook can conjure up a perfect candlelight dinner. Intelligent TVs can help to find the right film and a language-aware home audio system reacts quickly when it's time to switch up the mood and listen to music. Smart Home technologies can quickly adapt household and multimedia devices to your personal needs - at home or on the road. Controls that you can use from anywhere, such as voice commands or hand signals, are becoming increasingly important.

Smarte Steuerung
Smart Home Steuerung

Another area of your home where you can use smart applications is security. Now you can give your own four walls a higher safety standard. For example, you can see when the children have returned from school, who once again plundered the candy drawer, or whether grandma is still sleeping in the late morning. There are many possible applications for security and monitoring. Of course, such a system also reacts quickly in such cases like burglaries or fire. This allows a smartphone alarm to be triggered and sends crisp HD quality images in real-time to your smartphone.

Smart home owners now also have the opportunity to save energy through intelligent heating control systems. These can automatically adjust temperatures according to the daytime or outside temperatures. The intelligent in-app controller allows temperature adjustment even from the road.

The technology behind it is called smart meter. This new type of gas and electricity meter reads the data digitally and forwards it to your energy company. 

Stromversorgungs Grafik

It means that current analog meters will be replaced step by step by new digital meters. Energy costs can be calculated more precisely. Energy consumers will also be able to better understand their consumption in the future. The time relying only on an estimated energy balance is finally over. A digital display can be used for  household data, e.g., kWh and real-time usage costs. E.ON, as a smart meter service provider, supports energy companies in the rollout and operation of intelligent measuring systems. From planning to assembly, we can help you get started.  

This new digital measurement technology is gradually becoming part of all German households. Yet smart houses are only a small part of what the Internet of Things will bring to life over the next few years. Have you ever thought about how apartments, houses and maybe even cities of the future could look like once smart technology has been further rolled out? Leave your ideas or comments below!