Formula E - The most sophisticated motorsport in the world

Formula E

Formula E is a very unique competition when it comes to motorsports.

Formula E is a very unique competition when it comes to motorsports. The cries of combustion engines gives way to the hum of electric ones and the sport has found its way to the streets of many world famous cities. It stands for technological progress in all of automobile industry. However there are still those who oppose this competition, (I know right, what's not to love?!) arguing about the origin of the electrical power that fuels these vehicles, or believing that the organization of these races leaves behind a negative ecological footprint. Let us take a closer look at the facts concerning this motorsport.

Formula E
Formula E

It's not just about praising the fastest driver, which might sound weird seeing as it's a race... Companies are provided space to perfect their tech., which hopefully, we'll be seeing more of on the assembly lines of the global automotive industry in the near future. Let me break it down for you, it's the same principle as Formula 1, but for electric motors. Yet, the people behind Formula E are quite aware that as long as people rely on non-ecological energy sources, any technological progress will be for nothing.(Sad, right?)

Formula E is the radical way of powering a vehicle, far out, man. It goes against the convention of fueling, by charging vehicles with the help of glycerin generators. This is a totally renewable energy source. The aim is not only to power the vehicles, but also to cover all the energy consumption of the competition within two seasons!

Compared to other racing competitions, there is no tire changing process, impressive as it is, the tires are designed for all kinds of weather and are built to last throughout the whole race. Impressed, Mr Hamilton? Understandably, they are also completely recyclable. Another nifty perk of the competition is the absence of parking spaces for spectators, who are thus motivated to use local transportation. We know, how green of us.

Glimpse of the nearby future

FIA, the Federation Internationale de L’automobile wishes to keep Formula E moving with the society of the future. They’re doing it for the people who will live in smart cities, to show that mobility is possible without large emissions of greenhouse gases. Who knew?! And they’re also showing motorsport fans that these seemingly futuristic ideas will benefit both the planet and its people. So don't worry, Vettel, you're not out of a job. It's not only about swapping gas with electricity. Formula E stands as a symbol of new values that will be a key element for the next generations in their search to modernize society, which will be free of fossil fuels and their use as a source of energy.

The visionaries behind this racing series realize that there will be no room for people behind steering wheels in the future (Ah... Sorry Vettel). One segment of the races will be dedicated to robotic competitors, which we thing is still pretty cool! These unique vehicles are controlled by artificial intelligence and should be a stepping stone on our journey to self-driving cars. What could be better?! No more 'Taxi of Dad'! The aim of Formula E is not only to propel forward the technology that stands behind the electric engine and to provide a space for innovation in the automotive industry, but its primary goal is to raise awareness about economic, societal and environmental problems. E-mobility also offers a solution which could reduce the damage done to our climate, BONUS! 

Formula E
Formula E

Now, not to brag, but here at EON we have a pretty wide range of E-mobility options. From land to sea, we’ve got it all going on. Now to continue with the theme of ‘not bragging’, we have brought the future of transportation into the present. Fewer carbon emissions, zero air pollution and less noise, what more could you want?! Oh, lower energy and operation costs with tax advantages you say? CHECK!

We have a number e-mobility features we are very proud of, to start with our charging stations with EasyPark make it easier to park and charge! EasyPark is a mobile service provider, in the app drivers can now find two new additional services: an overview of all E.ON’s charging stations in Denmark, as well as payment for parking and charging in one transaction. It’s as easy as texting (for some people…)! Drivers can now find E.ON charging stations and pay for charging via the EasyPark app, allowing the users to save more time and money.

Not only is charging now made easier by the app, E.ON have launched an ‘All Inclusive charging solutions’ which offer unlimited charging on the go or at home at a fixed monthly rate! Almost like a phone contract for your car! Did you think this was the only perk of having an EV? Come on, this is E.ON. We have partnered up with Nissan and launched an exclusive deal for Danish EV buyers! When you buy a Nissan electric car you get THREE YEARS of unlimited charging from E.ON. We know, we know, pick your jaw up off the floor.

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