Festival of Lights in Berlin 2017

Berlin is illuminated!

The time has come! It’s October and Berlin brightens up the night with the Festival of Lights. Berlin's biggest light extravaganza is right around the corner. There’s no way you could miss it, because many buildings in the city will be super colourful.  Albert Einstein won his Nobel Prize when he discovered that light can take different forms, which laid the foundations for making electricity from sunlight for future generations. Just like Einstein, we love the light! So again this year, we’re a part of the Festival of Lights!

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What happens at the festival?

From the 6th until the 15th of October, our favorite Berlin monuments, landmarks, buildings and squares will be decorated with color.  During the nights of October, our metropolis is alight. Previous years have attracted millions of people. However, the illuminations are not the only impressive part; there are projections, video art, video mapping and light art installations which awaken the sights of Berlin.

The Opening

Head to the Berlin Cathedral (Dom) on the 6th of October at 7pm, when you will be able to experience the beginning of the festival. Previously, the opening has been located at the Brandenburg Gate or the TV tower, but thanks to our support, the Cathedral is one of this year’s main attractions of the festival!

Festival of Lights Award

The artists whose work has been shown at the Berlin Cathedral will all become candidates to receive the Festival of Lights award. An international jury will then decide who the finalists of the competition are and they will announce their decision after the opening show! The international reputation of the festival is also shown in the previous winners of the award. Winners such as Clockwork from Poland, Vjzaria from Venezuela, Chindogu from the United Arab Emirates and Kedr from Russia attract many international viewers.

Top Tips & Tricks

In order for all locations to be seen, the visitors are offered ‘LightSeeing’. With the help of LightSeeing, people can sit back and be taken to the light by bus or boat.

If you don’t want to travel by bus or boat we have a map with the quickest way to get between the landmarks on foot.

You should bring your photography skills with you as the festival provides you with effortless motifs that your followers will be itching to like. For the perfect post, all Instagram users can use the hashtag #lightsbyEON on their picture, so that the wonderful festival experience can be shared with the world.

Just simply upload your best Festival of Lights pictures to Instagram with the hashtag #lightsbyeon to be in with a chance to win!

Good luck! Check out the competition on our Facebook event!

And if you can’t make it to Berlin, just visit our Facebook page! On the opening day we’re going to broadcast the whole show live!

Hotspot Map

Hotspot Map

Here you can get a taste for the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2016

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