Eight Electrifying Halloween Facts to Fear

Fact #1: Deviled Pumpkins

Everyone has carved and illuminated a pumpkin before. But why? This custom goes back to the Irish legend of the villain Jack Oldfield. Jack was left neither in heaven nor in hell after his death. So that his lost soul did not have to wander through the underworld in complete darkness, the devil handed him a turnip with glowing coal in it as a lantern. The turnip was then replaced by the pumpkin in the USA. By the way: Carved pumpkin faces can easily be composted after Halloween.

Fact #2: Samhain-what?!

Witches, vampires and bats frighten you, getting scared is no fun for you and you would like to just give Halloween sweets to someone else right away? Then you probably suffer from Samhainphobia - that's what the fear of Halloween is called.

Fact #3: Creepy Candles

The right Halloween mood comes with the right decoration. However, energy consumption can rise quite a bit here. Our tip: Do not use chains of lights in your pumpkins, but candles. Candles look much scarier than normal lights and do not consume electricity. If the candles are also pumpkin scented candles, the Halloween decoration is perfect. Scary and energy-saving! For those who can not go without electrical light, should fall back to LED lamps, because these save up to 90% river in relation to regular bulbs, according to Energie-Fachberater.


Fact #4: Monster Pumpkin

Apropos pumpkin: The largest pumpkin to date was bred in a garden in Switzerland. It weighed as much as 950 kilograms - about as much as a small car or 6785 energy-saving lamps, according to NBC.

Fact #5: Trick and Trial!

Creepy for the wallet: Moving from door to door and asking for sweets is a popular Halloween custom for children. But adults and teenagers also have fun collecting sweets. However, this should not be done everywhere. In some American cities there are penalty fees up to $1,000 for teenagers and adults who try to get free candy this way.

Fact #6: Bringing back the Dead

Even the Halloween classic, Frankenstein, would literally not have been created without electricity: Frankenstein was historically assembled from corpse parts and brought to life with the help of electricity. That sounds scary? In fact, many such experiments were carried out in the 19th century to bring the dead to life by electrocution. But it only worked out in fiction.

Fact #7: Favorite Halloween Costumes

Halloween without a costume? No way! The most popular Halloween costume is the witch! But also vampires, skeletons and zombies are very popular and walk through the streets during the night of October 31st.

Fact #8: Horrormovies? Yes please!

On Halloween evening, a thunderstorm comes up and the creepy mood is perfect - but do you have to interrupt the horror movie on TV, because all plugs have to be pulled during thunderstorms? No, in fact almost all technical devices such as televisions, microwave, ovens and hairdryers now have surge protection that protects them from electrical shocks. However, if you are not sure whether your own devices are protected, you should invest in overvoltage plug connectors. The horror film on television can then be watched, worry free - and the tasty microwave popcorn is also allowed!


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