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Some things never change. The contagious happiness in a child's laugh, a grandfather’s firm handshake, which conveys security. Our network of family and friends, without which we cannot exist. But what about our energy needs?


The world around us is changing rapidly. Many things make life easier for us, but sometimes we lose sight of the situation and feel overwhelmed. This affects us, as people, as well as companies. Megatrends such as new mobility concepts, miniaturization and digitalization are increasingly changing our lives. At the same time, we want to determine more consciously how we live, work, consume and produce.

There are influences that are also rapidly transforming the energy sector. The old world of power generation, with one dominant group supplying static energy products to a solid customer base, is now history. 

Kleines Mädchen mit VR-Brille

Hi there neighbor - can I borrow some electricity?

Dezentrale Energie in der Nachbarschaft

Decentralized. Digital. Renewable.

Decentralized, digital, renewable - this is how the energy of tomorrow will look like. A world in which more and more people are generating their own energy, from consumer to prosumer. People will, for example, sell surplus solar energy to their neighbours. Or sell it back to the grid. Or store it in the basement for use at night.

We live in a new world where energy can flow in many different directions - from solar cells to your electric car battery or into a storage battery - or in the other direction, from your own production back into the grid. But even with decentralized generation, there will continue to be demand for large amounts of energy from cities and villages, hospitals and industrial plants. Climate-friendly offshore wind farms, for example, can cover this demand. The green power is then transported by intelligent energy networks to the exact location where it's needed.

And what does energy management look like in smaller places, perhaps within your family or in your apartment? Smart, reliable and unique. This applies to heating, blinds and lighting. LED lamps, for example, can be controlled by an app, a switch or even your voice.

Our competence - giving you choices

All of these developments follow a global trend. More and more, people want to know not only where their power was produced, but also to decide how it’s created. In order to create a new energy world that's created efficiently and responsibly, we need strong partners with technical know-how, entrepreneurial strength and firmness.

We know how it's done. We've already invested more than €10 billion in renewable energy and are number two worldwide in offshore wind energy. Our energy networks in Europe stretch out more than one million kilometres.

Peder Berne in Hyllie
Windtechniker im Offshore-Park

Energy networks and renewable energy are among our core competences - individual customer solutions complete our portfolio. We are well-positioned for the future.

We want to be your partner of choice in the new energy world. Whether as partners, consultants or customers - we're on eye level with you and want to help you manage the many new possibilities. Let’s start!

This way, you can have more time for the more important things in life: your happiness, that handshake, friends and family.

Kleines Kind mit Kostüm
Rainer Stenzenberger
Rainer Stenzenberger
Digital Communications and Social Media

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