Hungary has the highest willingness to change behaviour

 What is striking is that consumers in all seven countries are very willing to change their behaviour in terms of mobility, eating, living or daily shopping, or are even already doing so. The highest willingness is found in Hungary (81 percent), followed by Germany (77.2 percent). Sweden (58.1 percent) and the Czech Republic (66.7 percent) have the lowest figures.


Women are more willing to change their behaviour in favour of climate protection

In general, the survey revealed that 73.5 percent of women are more willing to change their behaviour in favour of climate protection than men, of whom only 68.8 percent are willing to do so.




Willingness to change equally pronounced in all age groups

However, if one considers the age groups in terms of their willingness to change, the picture is almost homogeneous. The 18 to 30 year olds (71 percent), the 31 to 50 year olds (70.6 percent) and the over 50 year olds (72 percent) are almost equal.

Large city dwellers find behavioural change somewhat more important than people in rural areas

73.7 percent of city dwellers consider it important to change their own behaviour. For consumers from rural areas, this figure is only 67.6 percent. Hungary and Germany have the highest values, Sweden the lowest.

Those who are prepared to spend more money on sustainable products are also prepared to change their behaviour

A total of 78.4 of those who spend more money on sustainable products answered the question about their willingness to change their behaviour with Yes. Hungary (84.6 percent) and Germany (84.4 percent) had the highest figures. All in all, all values are at a high level. This shows that people who buy sustainable products often want to change in favour of climate protection.

What do these findings mean for E.ON?

Our continuous exchange with our customers and stakeholders paints the same picture as the results of this recent survey, even though the trends in the markets and sub-groups vary greatly:

We are on the right track with our focus on renewable, decentralised and climate-friendly energy solutions and sustainable intelligent distribution networks.

We know that we have many more steps to take to achieve our goal of a CO2-free energy world. However, we are encouraged to continue on this path towards a sustainable and green energy world with all our expertise.

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