360° Flight of Fancy

360 Degree Flight of Fancy

Just admit it: you’ve always wanted to be Indiana Jones!

Every single one of us has shown courage. Whether it’s the first time jumping off the springboard as a kid, asking out a beautiful girl, or maybe even skydiving!

One of the advantages of living in the digital age is that you can flirt with danger while sitting in your chair & drinking a cold beer. Take our 360° video, for example. You can watch a helicopter pilot fly over our offshore wind park, Amrumbank West, in the German North Sea. The movie was made for the opening of the wind park this month.

The cool part: turn your smartphone – or fly around by clicking your mouse left & right – and the perspective will change with you. But please be careful! You better do it sitting down.

Data about Amrumbank West:

For fact checkers, nature lovers & green energy fans

  • Location: 35 km north of Helgoland
  • More than 302 Megawatts of installed capacity
  • Green energy for up to 300,000 households
  • More than 740,000 tons of saved CO2
Rainer Stenzenberger
Rainer Stenzenberger
Digital Communications and Social Media
Green energy

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