25 Best Climate and Renewable Pages


Want to learn more about renewable energy and climate change?

There are a lot of places that you can go. Here, we've listed the 25 best links about the subject of green energy. It’s a list like no other. It’s sustainable and gives you the key to all the facts of the new energy world. Here's the list, in perfect alphabetical order:

1. Agora Energiewende
Agora Energiewende develops scientifically based and politically feasible approaches for ensuring the success of the energy transition (in German: energiewende). They see themselves as a think tank and policy laboratory, centred around dialogue with energy policy stakeholders. Together with participants from the public policy, civil society, business and academia, they develop a common understanding of the energy transition, its challenges and courses of action. This is accomplished with a maximum of scientific expertise, oriented towards goals and solutions and devoid of any ideological agenda. It's a joint initiative of the Mercator Foundation and the European Climate Foundation.

The best part:
 The Agorameter – See the hourly power generation and consumption in Germany in a really cool graph.

2. American Wind Energy Association
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is the national trade association for the U.S. wind industry – the country’s fastest growing energy industry. With thousands of wind industry members and wind policy advocates, AWEA promotes wind energy as a clean source of electricity for American consumers.

The best part:
 Into the Wind, the AWEA blog: daily posts with lots of great information and questions answered about wind power.

3. Cape Farewell
Cape Farewell changes the way we think about climate change. Cape Farewell is a think/do tank that gathers artists, designers, filmmakers, writers and other creatives to address society’s biggest challenge: climate change.

The best part: Amazing projects with outstanding artists. Take a look at the list of people involved with Cape Farewell and you are sure to see a few names that you know. What’s more, the projects are amazing and genuinely thought-provoking on the subject of climate change.

4. Clean Energy Wire
The Clean Energy Wire (CLEW) is an independent non-profit, non-partisan service for journalists and the interested public. They are committed to providing and supporting quality journalism about the energy transition in Germany.

The best part:
 One of the only sites that reports and sorts through the German energy transition – and it's in English. Follow them on Twitter (@cleanenergywire) for their live newsfeed or subscribe to their very good daily newsletter – the form to sign up is on their homepage.

5. Clean Technica
CleanTechnica strives to be (or remain) the most indispensable website on the planet for cleantech news and commentary. They have been covering the cleantech industry obsessively since 2008 — before it was popular for mainstream media to dedicate blogs or subdomains to the topic — and are now a well-recognized leader in this field.

The best part:
 Well, there are two best parts. First, the Answer Box gives you answers to a lot of frequent renewable energy questions and for a surprise, hit the “surprise article!” link at the top of the page.

6. Climate CoLab
The goal of the Climate CoLab is to harness the collective intelligence of thousands of people from all around the world to address global climate change. Inspired by systems like Wikipedia and Linux, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Collective Intelligence has developed this crowdsourcing platform where people work with experts and each other to create, analyse and select detailed proposals for what to do about climate change.

The best part: 
You can participate in a number of ways. Once you register on the site, you can support, vote, contribute or create your own proposal.

capturing moments
offshore view
offhshore view

7. The Climate Reality Project
In 2006, Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore got the world talking about climate change with the Academy Award-winning film, “An Inconvenient Truth”. The Climate Reality Project is working to accelerate the global shift from the dirty fossil fuels driving climate change to renewables so we can power our lives and economies without destroying our planet.

The best part: Go to the Initiatives page to see how you can take part in a grassroots campaign, such as, "The Guitar of Reality", or the, "Climate Reality Campus Corps".

8. Climate Reanalyzer
Climate Reanalyzer is a platform for visualizing climate and weather datasets. The site is coded and maintained by Dr. Sean Birkel through support from the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine and the National Science Foundation. You can access climate information using interfaces for reanalysis and historical station data. Maps, timeseries and correlation analyses can be plotted for gridded models. Station data and model timeseries can be exported in CSV format for use in spreadsheet software.

The best part: The visualizations, which anyone can understand. Take a look at today’s weather and then look at the temperature anomalies to see where it’s hotter or colder than normal.

9. Danish Wind Industry Association
DWIA manages the interests of the members and create the framework for the various fora, in which members can utilize the potential in knowledge sharing and exchange experiences with players inside and outside the industry.

The best part: Wind with Miller – a fun game to learn about how wind energy works.

10. EON's New Energy World
Not to blow our own trumpet too much, but we love our very own site, #energized. Packed with lots of information about our current projects and a wealth of information about renewable energy, customer solutions and energy networks.

The best part: We also like to take a critical look at relevant energy topics and present you with articles such as frequently asked questions about solar and myths & misunderstandings about wind energy.

11. Energy Game Changers
Energy research and development is on the move. The Energy Game Changers initiative highlights historic and current effects of research efforts from universities across the U.S. as they deliver a cheaper, cleaner and more secure national energy system.

The best part: This is a great place to go to get information on potential technologies that offer real promise, broken down into the categories of shale gas, solar PV, grid storage, electric cars and LEDs.

12. Global Climate & Energy Project
Also from Stanford University, The Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP) seeks new solutions to one of the grand challenges of this century: supplying energy to meet the changing needs of a growing world population in a way that protects the environment.

The best part: The Energy 101 tutorials in the Technical Library http://gcep.stanford.edu/learn/energy101.html

13. Greenpeace
Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

The best part: No matter where you live or what language you speak, there is a Greenpeace website for you. Also, the specific campaign microsites are often modern and unbelievably and beautifully orchestrated.

14. 100% dot org
100% is a campaign that ignites human energy, clean energy and what’s possible when the two come together. 100% sees clean energy as a means, not as an end. It is a path to individual freedom and the common good — a path to something greater. With 100%, we make life better for each and all of us.

The best part: The human stories about renewable energy – using real people. Enjoy!

15. Iceberg Songs
Iceberg Songs is a project initiated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and by music artists. It all started back in 2009, when Artic explorers recorded the mystic sounds of melting icebergs. Several years went by until the UNFCCC discovered the recordings and initiated the Iceberg Songs project with a collective of befriended creatives.

The best part: The music itself. Listen to an iceberg song created together with an artist and then share your experience on Facebook or Twitter.

16. International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organization that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future.They are the principal platform for international cooperation, a centre of excellence and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy. IRENA promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy. This includes bioenergy, geothermal energy, hydropower, ocean, solar and wind energy in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity.

The best part: The Global Atlas for Renewable Energy. Search the world map with overlays for wind, solar, hydro, bioenergy, marine and geothermal energy.

solar panels

17. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants. Through collaborative partnerships, we support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. LDF’s grant making program encompasses six focus areas: wildland conservation, climate change, indigenous rights, marine conservation, innovative solutions and public advocacy.

The best part: Explore the wide variety of programs that the foundation supports. 

18. NASA Global Climate Change
The mission of “Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet” is to provide the public with accurate and timely news and information about Earth’s changing climate. This goes along with current data and visualizations presented from the unique perspective of NASA, the world’s leading climate research agency.

The best part: The beautiful earth gallery. See pictures of the planet like only NASA can show. Inspiring.

19. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory
This U.S. government group advances the science and engineering of energy efficiency, sustainable transportation and renewable power technologies. They also provide the knowledge to integrate and optimize energy systems. This group works together with both private and governmental agencies.

The best part: A page full of tools. Want to model reduced energy use, find geothermal datasets or estimate the electricity production of a solar power system? Then this is your page.

20. Stanford Energy
The Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy draws on knowledge of experts and resources across the university to help accelerate the transition to an affordable, low-carbon energy system for the world. Since its founding in 2009, the institute has become the best place for scholars, business leaders, policymakers and others seeking solutions to the world’s most difficult energy challenges. The institute carries out its mission by funding early-stage energy research, developing new technologies and policies, educating leaders and nurturing a vibrant energy ecosystem here and abroad.

The best part: The free online education. Stanford offers more than 300 energy courses and a number of energy degrees. To see which ones you can do online, take a look here.

21. 350 dot org
350 dot org is building a global grassroots climate movement that can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice. The number 350 means climate safety: we must reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere from >400 parts per million to below 350.

The best part: Find a local group that you can join to help against climate change.

22. UN Climate Change Newsroom
A true newsroom direct from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) .With 197 Parties, the UNFCCC has near universal membership and is the parent treaty of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. Stories on the Newsroom are written by UNFCCC staff.

The best part: Up to date information straight from the source with both big reports and actual information on the latest COP (Conference of Parties) – such as COP 22 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

23. The US Department of Energy
The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

The best part: The information from the national labs. Home to some of the world’s most powerful lasers, fastest supercomputers and talented researchers, the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories are a powerhouse of science and technology. This system of 17 labs pushes the frontiers of scientific knowledge, keeps the nation secure and fuels the clean energy economy.

24. Wind Europe
WindEurope is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting wind power in Europe and worldwide. WindEurope produces a large variety of information tools . They manage campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of wind and enhancing social acceptance, dispelling the myths about wind energy. They also provide easy access to credible information.

The best part: The Climate Change coloring book.

25. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is the world’s leading, independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration and education. Our scientists and engineers push the boundaries of knowledge about the ocean to reveal its impacts on our planet and our lives.

The best part: Know your ocean. A scroll through infographics with a hashtag campaign #knowyourocean