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Swimming with the Sustainable Sharks!

Sharks are more versatile than many think! They have a few extraordinary abilities: as a living barometer, or a perfect energy saver.

The Coach That Could

In our #onedaywith series, we accompany Ismail Öner from MitternachtsSport e.V. in Berlin-Spandau. 
Football, "Big Brothers" and soacial work are the ingredients of the project.

Smart City

Fire Prevention is Our Intention

We joined our own workers as welll as local firefighters from Harsum, Lower Saxony on a cold february night to learn how to properly extinguish natural gas fires.

Energy markets are changing rapidly, and competition in the energy market is intense. Customer needs are changing fundamentally. The result is a new energy world.

Johannes Teyssen, CEO of E.ON SE

Johannes Teyssen

New Energy World


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