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Hydrogen: The biggest hope for the energy industry?

Electricity in Myth & Comics

Electricity in Myth & Comics

Electrical Universe

Electrical Universe

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Johannes Teyssen

Power to the cats!

It's the age old question: cats or dogs? But for those who like cats, we have something special.

The cats in our video are wide awake and playful. For this reason, we decided to give them some extra ways to automate and save energy. We had fun putting together, "Cat Mansion" and are hoping that you enjoy it as well.

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New Energy World

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Electric Universe

Festival of Lights in Berlin

Colorful, fantastic and just beautiful; the Festival of Lights (FoL) in Berlin inspires hundreds of thousands of Berliners and tourists each year.

We’re happy to be sponsors of this great festival for the fifth year running. The FoL takes place from October 11th-20th. in Berlin and is certainly worth a trip to the capital city.

Berliner Dom


Dog Christmas

Will our friend, Benno, have to spend Christmas in the dog house? Not if we can help it. With our smart energy solutions, even the loneliest dogs find a way to cooperate and pull together a pawsome holiday party. We wish you a warmly lit Christmas!

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