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Energy of the future

How E.ON is shaping tomorrow

Our customers are thinking about the future, today. "How can I save energy? Should I generate my own energy? How can I easily store energy?" These are just some of the questions people ask us, as an energy company, on a regular basis. To be able to provide an answer soon, we are constantly looking at mega-trends and technological developments. Together with our customers, partners, researchers, scientists and start-ups, we are developing a new energy world. The focus has shifted away from the development of individual key technologies to the intelligent combination of software, electricity, heat and mobility to form a digital ecosystem.

To reach this goal, we have three priorities:

We take care of our customers' homes

Working with US start-up Enervee, we are a developing a platform suited to European market needs, which we can then use to provide even stronger support to help our customers save energy. The Enervee Score makes it possible to make an optimal selection of energy-efficient appliances and then acquire them from online retailers using a transparent price comparison.

We want to radically change renewable energy

By investing in the British start-up Kite Power Solutions (KPS), E.ON is pushing ahead with the technological and economic development of a technology to generate wind power from great heights. Just like kite surfing, the technology uses a sail instead of a rotor. Compared to conventional wind turbines, kite power systems are cheaper to make, easier to install and simpler to maintain. The systems can also be installed in water deeper than 40 meters. Which means we can open new offshore markets in locations ranging from Portugal to Japan to the USA. The technology can also be used on land and, when it has matured, will be economical and not reliant on government subsidies. 

We are managing systems locally

With our participation in the European research project InterFlex (a smart-grid project), we want to find new ways for a flexible local supply. The project started in January 2017 and has a budget of €23 million and a term of three years. The focus of the project is on energy storage, intelligent charging processes for electric vehicles, load monitoring, isolated operation, grid automation as well as the integration of various energy sources.

E.ON supports sustainable and innovative start-ups. This is how we enable new energy technologies for tomorrow.

As one of the world's largest private electricity and gas companies, we see it as our responsibility to actively promote energy research.

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