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Let's Create a Better Tomorrow-Award

The winner of the "Let's Create a Better Tomorrow Award" this year is MP Studios (Germany), with 62,2% of total votes; the second place went to Glowing Bulbs (Hungary), with 11.9%; and the third place to Les Ateliers Nomad (Romania), with 10.2%. Thank you for voting!


Shining Berlin

Berliners and hundreds of thousands of tourists visited the greatest light spectacle of the year – for ten nights the capital was illuminated in the most dazzling colors. The opening, on October 5th, was hosted at the TV Tower, our main attraction this year!

Berlin Cathedral 2018

Source: Dirk Lässig, Berlin Cathedral

Let's Create a Better Tomorrow-Award

The TV Tower – particularly challenging

The television tower is not only impressive because of its height, its form is also extraordinary for light art installations. Eighteen European light artists took part in a preliminary round for the best light installation. On the second round, seven finalists displayed their artwork, during the festival, on the television tower, with a spectacular three-dimensional light show under the motto "Let's Create a Better Tomorrow". Artists from Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany and Scandinavia took part in the competition.

Source: Dirk Lässig, Festival of Lights
Source: Dirk Lässig, Festival of Lights

Brandenburg Gate 2018

#lightsbyEON Instagram Contest

Under #lightsbyEON, a whole collection of breathtaking photographs of Berlin's illuminated landmarks have been created on Instagram. During this year's Festival of Lights, E. ON held a competition to share your photos with this hashtag. Five lucky winners, took home great prizes: the first place (berlin_daily) received an Iphone XS and a Philips Smart Home Starter Kit and our four other winners took home the Philips Smart Home Starter Kit. How do you like our winner pic, featuring the Berlin Dome, here on the right? 

Source: berlin_daily Instagram

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