If you buy an electric car, are you really helping the environment? Yes, providing the energy used throughout the process – from building the car to charging it on the street – is low carbon too.

Just how green is an electric car? You might have heard an argument that electric cars can be just as bad for the environment as petrol or diesel cars. The argument is that if an electric vehicle is built through an energy-hungry manufacturing process it could actually end up generating as much CO2 as a petrol equivalent.

But if the power at each stage is generated using sustainable energy then electric vehicles become a much greener alternative, from creation to end of life. That’s because for a vehicle to really be free from CO2 emissions the energy that creates it and powers it need to be green too. Achieving this means being energy efficient at every stage. 

What can we do?

At E.ON, we want to make electric driving entirely zero carbon. From wind to solar energy to bio energy, we’re committed to pushing the limits of renewable energy. We’re constantly developing new solutions for the energy needs of tomorrow.

That way we can work with electric vehicle manufacturers to make their production lines greener. We can make sure that charging points, both on the street and in homes, are more environmentally friendly.

So when you drop the kids off at school in your electric car, when you receive a package from a delivery company that uses a fleet of electric vehicles, or when you visit a charging point that uses clean energy, you can be reassured that electric vehicles really are looking after the planet. 

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