We don't just develop ideas. We guide them to success.

Taking a shower, riding your bike, or talking to colleagues — a brilliant idea can sprout from almost anywhere.  And so that a brilliant idea can grow into something more, the #futurelab fosters promising ideas so that they have a greater potential of becoming real-life business models, products, or investments.

We at #futurelab are independent enough to stimulate creativity. Agile enough to quickly develop new business concepts. And forward-looking enough to know whether or not to pursue, reconsider, or reject an idea.

See for yourself — set off with us and scroll towards the future. To find out more, simply click on the red pulsing information icons.

Happy scrolling!

#futurelab E.ON’s digital
venture builder
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Hi, my name is Thorsten Kühnel. At E.ON’s #futurelab, we have been developing digital innovations and creating exciting ideas for the business community since 2016. Curious how we work? Discover more now.

we do
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We come up with extraordinary and creative business concepts that are developed into solutions. Scroll down and take a look at what happens in the #futurelab.

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Ideas don't just fall from the sky. We need inspiration, but where does our inspiration come from?

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Personal experience
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Studying the start-up world