Form a team and hack the home of the future in just 48 hours for your chance to win fame, glory, and cash prizes!

We’re inviting talented individuals like YOU to imagine products and services for the smart homes of tomorrow. 

You’ve got just 48 hours to make it happen, but you won’t be going it alone; you’ll build a prototype as part of a team, then present your groundbreaking idea to our panel of experts for a chance to win a prize.

So what are you waiting for? Hack the home of the future and show the world what you’re capable of.

Ready for an exciting challenge?
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50 participants
16 teams
48 hours
48 hours
3 prizes

Who can join?

If you are aged 18 years or over, then you are welcome to register. Entry is completely free. You do not need to have a degree in computer science or other technical qualifications to take part, but being knowledgeable about topics like Business Administration, Engineering, Design, Big Data and Technology would improve your chances. You can form your teams beforehand if you so choose, or just come along and we’ll help you establish a group the night before. Either way, prepare to be inspired.

Why take part?

There are lots of good reasons. First and foremost, your little grey cells are going to get a proper workout over the course of unforgettable 48 hours. It’s a brilliant opportunity to work together with some of the brightest minds in your field, developing (potentially revolutionary) ideas for the smart home of the future. Plus, you’ll get strong encouragement from E.ON mentors and coaches to pursue your team’s vision, putting you on the right path towards success.

What can you win?

1st Place: 3,000 euros
2nd Place: 1,500 euros
3rd Place: 500 euros

The Future Energy Home

Smart Homes are where everyday objects are wirelessly connected and communicating to the web. Whether it’s a speaker that can recognize voice commands or an intelligent thermostat that adapts to your schedule, the technology is available to anyone who wants to enhance the spaces where they live, work, and play. And the benefits are tangible, ranging from home security and increased comfort to energy efficient savings.

That’s what we know is possible today; we’re asking you to don your visionary hats and show us how these technologies could further develop in the not too distant future. We stand ready to be impressed.

The Future Energy Home

Ideas for Inspiration

Here are four potential areas you could explore, though you’re encouraged to follow wherever your imagination takes you:

Home Heating
Home heating

Through changing seasons and unpredictable weather, our home heating needs shift almost daily. If there’s a cold snap in summer or a heat-wave in winter, we’re looking for ideas to heat our homes more intelligently.

Home Energy Management
Home energy management

From lights to heat to water, the utilities in our homes have a complex interaction. Is there a better way to manage and monitor the home energy ecosystem?

PV & Storage
PV & storage

Photovoltaic cells on the rooftop convert the power of the sun into clean, renewable energy. Hooray! But there’s a slight problem: storage. Where and how to effectively store solar energy when it’s not required?


For people with an electric car, the home is the central hub where they do most of the charging. Let’s find a solution to manage charging at home more efficiently and prolong the life of our electric vehicle batteries.

How it works

Build multi-disciplinary teams, examine our dataset, and come up with innovative solutions for the home of tomorrow.

3 April: Team Building

The night before the Hackathon, everyone gathers at the venue for food, drinks, and exciting speeches. Participants are invited to form teams around their ideas and interests. Your fellow team members can be complete strangers to each other, or you could have forged a connection previously and specifically want to work together. There are no restrictions, but for the greatest chance of success, each team should be proficient in the disciplines of data and business innovation.

4 April: Ideation

Now the fun begins. The first day of the Hackathon is when each team gets busy developing their ideas and concepts. Dedicated mentors and company partners will also be on hand to coach the teams and guide them through any problems they encounter. It’s going to be an active day of brainstorming and imagineering, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep beforehand!

5 April: Prototyping

The big day. Building on their efforts from earlier in the Hackathon, the teams make progress in developing a working prototype of their concept. Build it tall and mighty or small and discreet; it doesn’t matter -- just get that thing over the finish line! When you’re ready, you’ll be pitching your solution to the panel of experts. If they’re impressed by what they see, you’ll be one of three winners to be showered in fame, glory, and cash prizes.

More about the data set

More about the data set

Teams will have access to a rich dataset of multiple sensors based on real-world use. You’ll be among the very first to analyze data from an entirely new category of smart home IoT device, providing a goldmine of information based on readings of 10 sensors in high resolution. Each board produces around 1 million data points per day, synced to atomic clocks. All you have to do is analyze the data, form an idea, and come up with a product.


Design Offices Arnulfpark, Munich Luise-Ullrich-Straße 14, 80636 Munich
3–5 April 2019

For more information and directions, please visit 

Frequently asked questions

Hackathons are collaborative IT development events with a competitive character. They take place over a short period of time, typically 24 or 48 hours, where the goal is to find quick technological solutions to predefined questions. They’re also heaps of fun.

Anyone aged 18 or over is welcome to register, but because spaces are limited a registration doesn’t automatically guarantee a spot. Improve your chances by sharing your motivation for participating in the hackathon on the registration form; tell us what makes you special.

The first prize is 3,000 euros, to be shared equally among the team members. The second prize is 1,500 euros, and the third prize is 500 euros. Again, the members of each team must split their rewards

Participation is completely free.

No, we welcome anyone to apply regardless of their specialism, university or industry but a passion for Engineering, Design, Technology and Big Data and would be an asset to your team.

All participating teams are expected to create a prototype of their solution, which takes the form of a working piece of software or hardware. You must write your code and build your prototype during the hackathon. While the use of public APIs is allowed, you should disclose this upfront when making your final presentation to the jury members.

You’ll need a computer for your hacking. Everything else depends on the specific needs of your project, so bring along any extra materials you think you might need. Some equipment will be available for free at the event. Contact us for details.

We’ll be providing food and refreshments at the venue. We promise they will have more nutritional value than potato chips and energy drinks, which should leave you free to concentrate on building the best prototype possible.

No, sorry. You might be able to grab a nap under a desk somewhere, using a laptop bag for a pillow. But participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation for the duration of the hackathon. 

We will be sending out email confirmations two weeks before the event.

Our panel of industry experts and partners will choose the winning projects. They will evaluate each project based on several criteria, e.g., level of innovation or business viability.

Questions, suggestions or comments?