What and for whom is the E.ON Crowd

E.ON Crowd is there for all those who want to work together with us and many more on a better tomorrow - for visionaries, creative minds, dissenters, and all of those who want to make a difference.

With E.ON Crowd, we want to work together with you on ideas, concepts and solutions that move us.


How does it work?

The E.ON Crowd goes back to the principle of “wisdom of crowds” - the idea that large groups are smarter than individual experts when it comes to problem solving, decision-making, innovation and forecasting.


Alone or collectively, take up the challenge to develop an idea, concept or entire solution for a problem that interests you.


Share your opinion and discuss your ideas together with the community so you can slowly but surely refine your ideas together.


Your vote counts. Decide which idea best captures and solves a given problem together with the community and E.ON's experts.


In the end, not only the best rated contribution wins. Everyone has the chance to win attractive prizes through their participation.

What are the challenges

Let’s make our life easier
smart home applications

Exploration & Ideation Challenge in the field of Smart Home

In this challenge we want to co-develop new ideas and concepts to solve problems of our daily life at home. Therefore this challenge starts with deriving so called 'pain points' before exploring ideas on how to solve them with smart home applications.

Let‘s reduce CO2 emissions together
Let‘s reduce CO2 emissions together

Exploration & Prototyping Challenge in the field of Energy Efficiency

The aim of this challenge is to develop new ideas and concepts that motivate us to reduce carbon emissions. We start by identifying barriers to saving energy and then explore ideas that motivate us to overcome these barriers and live more energy efficiently.

What is a beta test?

A beta test is a restricted testing period for a software product prior to any sort of commercial release. It involves distributing the product to a selected group of end users for real-world exposure. The goal of a beta test is to gather feedback about the product, test its user acceptance and as a result develop an optimized solution that its users really desire.

What's in it for me?

iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XS (64GB)*

Phillips Hue Starter Kit

Phillips Hue Starter Kit**

tado° Smart Radiator Starter Kit

tado° Smart Radiator Starter Kit**

Amazon gift card

50€ Amazon gift card*,**

*Win chances are dependent on your degree of participation. **Win chances are dependent on the quality of your contributions.

What do I need to do?

  1. Click on “Apply now” and tell us why you are interested in taking part in the beta test
  2. If you convince us, we will get back to you with an exclusive invitation code that allows you to register for E.ON Crowd Beta
  3. Set up your profile and start contributing to the challenges. The more you contribute, the higher your chance of winning one of the amazing prizes
  4. From time to time and typically for a beta test, we will invite you to share your valuable feedback on things that you like and dislike about E.ON Crowd

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