New energy needs a new approach

We know digitalization is a big opportunity

In today’s world, digitalization is one of the biggest challenges for your business. But we know that it’s also a huge opportunity. That’s why we’re developing services and products that not only create opportunities for private and business customers, but also position us and our investors as digital pioneers in the energy industry.

The digitalization of products and services already impacts modern life. As a customer, you might expect to be able to do whatever you want easily, quickly and on-the-go. So we’ve invested in digital and software-based solutions to meet your expectations.


Improving predictions

Using data to increase the accuracy of actions

Through the analysis of various data sets and the development of a self-learning algorithm, we continuously improve network security and reliability for our customers.

Optimizing with real-time data

We use Dynamic Yield Optimization to increase the efficiency of wind farms and preserve our turbines.