New energy needs a new approach

The digital world brings both challenges and opportunities with it. We’re committed to developing innovative energy solutions that not only respond to these changes, but also drive digital transformation.

In today’s world, digitalization is one of the biggest challenges for your business. But we know that it’s also a huge opportunity. That’s why we’re developing services and products that not only create opportunities for private and business customers, but also position ourselves and our investors as digital pioneers in the energy industry.

The digitalization of products and services already impacts modern life. As a customer, you might expect to be able to do whatever you want easily, quickly, and on-the-go. So we’ve invested in digital and software-based solutions to meet your expectations.

Matthew Timms

Our innovations

Predictive maintenance

We have developed a self-learning algorithm that predicts when medium voltage cables in the electrical grid need to be replaced. The system uses all sorts of data to identify electricity generation behaviour patterns and inconsistencies, including external factors like weather, lightning and salt content. Our research has shown that this intelligent approach can reduce the number of outages in the grid by up to 30% compared to a conventional approach. This results in better security of supply and better network quality for our customers and partners.

We also develop tools for the digital workforce on the grid. These tools allow for a more efficient management of grid outages, as well as improve our data collection process and quality, so we drive the improvement of the quality of our analytical solutions.

Dynamic yield optimization

The power of data and digitalization is playing an increasingly important role also for the operation of our assets. We analyse data from our turbines and use advanced mathematical models to explore new ways to optimize our wind farms and those of our customers and partners. We use this data to increase the yield of our wind farms while simultaneously reducing the stress on individual turbines. This has a life-prolonging effect on our assets.

Home energy management

Our personalized, intelligent, smart home hub can give our customers comfort and peace of mind in their energy consumption. This home energy management system uses data from customers’ smart home devices and appliances to advise and predict energy consumption. This enables customers to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint as well as optimising energy flows between energy assets and the grid.


Our business energy intelligence software, Optimum, allows business customers to visualize their energy consumption data and optimize asset monitoring across multi-site portfolios. The software can provide insights on multi-site and yearly consumption performance. Artificial Intelligence predicts consumption and identifies abnormal consumption so businesses can plan and forecast efficiency gains.

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