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Your future. It's going to be a brave new world. From energy networks to customer solutions to renewable energy, we think differently. To ensure your future, we’re always working to identify megatrends, develop excellent solutions and optimize energy use.

A big part of that is acting sustainably – we try out new things and address your needs and that of the environment. By investing in the products and ideas that will be part of our everyday life in the future, we find new ways to generate, store and use energy.

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We're renewable

Renewable energy

A commitment to renewable energy

We are renewable. E.ON was the first major European energy company to focus entirely on the new energy world. And we’re still going strong. We are number three worldwide in offshore wind energy. And you can clearly see our expertise in engineering in our specialized services for wind, solar and bioenergy.

Developing energy solutions with data

We live in an increasingly digital world

The digital world brings both challenges and opportunities with it. We’re committed to developing innovative energy solutions that not only respond to these changes, but also to driving digital transformation.

From the lab to the real world

 Research for the future

Research for the future

We see ourselves as a pioneer for the entire industry. Thanks to our research, we're constantly developing new solutions for your energy needs of tomorrow. Want to find out how we’re shaping the future of energy?