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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tonight and we all know what that means – lots and lots of good food! Of course, there is one dish that must never be missed for a perfect traditional Thanksgiving dinner: the turkey!

Intern meets Influencer

Rrrrring! It’s only 4 a.m. when my alarm clock rings. Today I'm flying to Copenhagen, together with my colleague Rainer, who looks after our Instagram account and often works with influencers.

Wiebke and Felix
Innovation Days 2019

Innovation Days 2019

The mobility of the future was one key issue of this year’s Innovation Days in Essen in October. There were around 400 participants from 21 different countries. At a break-out session with E.ON hosting an electrified talk with +electrified magazine with the theme “future e-mobility”.

Backgrounds and insights

Energy markets are changing rapidly, and competition in the energy market is intense. Customer needs are changing fundamentally. The result is a new energy world.

Johannes Teyssen, CEO of E.ON SE

Johannes Teyssen

Power to the cats!

It's the age old question: cats or dogs? But for those who like cats, we have something special.

The cats in our video are wide awake and playful. For this reason, we decided to give them some extra ways to automate and save energy. We had fun putting together, "Cat Mansion" and are hoping that you enjoy it as well.

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New Energy World

More about new energy:

Festival of Lights in Berlin

Colorful, fantastic and just beautiful; the Festival of Lights (FoL) in Berlin inspires hundreds of thousands of Berliners and tourists each year.

We’re happy to be sponsors of this great festival for the fifth year running. The FoL takes place from October 11th-20th. in Berlin and is certainly worth a trip to the capital city.

Berliner Dom


Sustainability & Smart Living

More about sustainability and smart living:

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