innogy Finance B.V.

General Information about innogy Finance B.V.

innogy Finance B.V. was incorporated on 14 February 2001 with the name RWE Finance B.V. under the laws of the Netherlands as a private company with limited liability. RWE Finance B.V. has been renamed into innogy Finance B.V. as of 1 September 2016.

As of 30.06.2017 innogy Finance II B.V. has been merged into innogy Finance B.V..

The company has its corporate seat in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, and is registered with the trade register in Brabant under number 34151116.

Its registered office is Willemsplein 2/4, 5211 AK 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

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Business Overview – Principal Activities and Principal Markets

In the early years, innogy Finance B.V. (at that time named RWE Finance B.V.) had been an issuer under RWE's Debt Issuance Programme. In December 2015 innogy Finance B.V. including its senior capital market debt was sold to innogy group.

From 2017 until the acquisition of innogy Group by E.ON, innogy Finance B.V. acted to facilitate the financing of innogy Group under innogy’s Debt Issuance Programme. The external funding of innogy group was inter alia carried out by innogy Finance B.V. under guarantee by innogy SE, and the funds were then on-lent within the former innogy Group.

Bonds of innogy Finance B.V. are guaranteed by innogy SE but not by E.ON SE.

Organisational Structure

innogy Finance B.V. is a wholly owned (indirect) subsidiary of E.ON SE and has no subsidiaries of its own.

Bond transfer to E.ON

E.ON has launched a liability management exercise to harmonize the Group’s funding structure.

Optimization measures as part of the integration synergies encompass the discontinuation of preparing and publishing consolidated innogy financials. In addition, any remaining rating contracts of innogy will be cancelled. Group-internal reorganizations are expected to reduce total assets and/or capitalization available to innogy’s bondholders.

E.ON wants to ensure that bondholders are treated fairly and thus offers innogy bondholders to move to the same level and status as current E.ON bondholders. Holders of innogy bonds therefore need to act and respond to the offer as specified in the offer documents.

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