Green Bonds

E.ON is Germany’s first energy company dedicated entirely to the new energy world. In this context E.ON has decided to not only focus on a sustainable business but also to implement green financing.

Green Bonds issued by E.ON can be found here.

Green Bond Framework

The energy world is steadily becoming more distributed, digital, and decarbonised. E.ON has decided to issue Green Bonds to finance and / or refinance projects related to Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Clean Transportation which fits perfectly to E.ON’s core businesses and Sustainability Strategy. For further details please refer to our Green Bond Framework.

Investor Presentation

Find here our investor presentation with detailed information on E.ON’s Green Bond Framework and eligible Green Bond projects for download

Do you have a question about E.ON's outstanding bonds, issuance programs or would like more information about a different financial issue? Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.

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