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Questions & Answer

Yes, principally all E.ON bonds are also available for private investors. However, there are some cases in which certain selling restrictions exist. If you are interested in a particular bond, please consult your bank for advice if this specific security is available to you as a private investor.

You can buy E.ON bonds via your bank. Please consult your bank for more details. If you have an account with an online bank you may also order securities directly via their website.

Most E.ON bonds are available in 1,000 EUR denominations. Only some of our GBP bonds have higher denominations. Details about this can be looked up in the final terms which you can download from the "E.ON bonds" website. Furthermore, for certain foreign investors specific minimum amounts apply. If you are a non-German investor and interested in E.ON bonds, please consult your bank.

E.ON bonds are mostly liquid securities which therefore can be sold prior to their maturity. E.ON, however, does not guarantee a secondary market. Again, we would like to ask you to consult your bank or to initiate the sale of your bonds directly via your online bank.

Some of E.ON's bonds have been placed directly with a large institutional investor (so called private placements). As these bonds are also listed, the financial press sometimes publishes information about these securities. However, as these bonds are normally held until maturity they are not available for other investors.

Furthermore, please note that also our public bonds can so far not be subscribed by private investors directly. A purchase is thus only possible on the secondary market, i.e. after the allocation to institutional investors and banks.

Only the bonds shown in the table "E.ON bonds" are listed and publicly traded bonds issued by E.ON. In addition to that, there are private placements which E.ON placed with only one large institutional investor and therefore are not available for other buyers. Furthermore, from time to time banks issue structured products which refer to E.ON. However, issuer of these securitities is the respective bank and not E.ON. The issuer risk therefore also relates to the bank and not to E.ON SE.

E.ON bonds are almost exclusively issued by our Dutch financing subsidiary E.ON International Finance B.V. (under the guarantee of E.ON SE). Therefore the prices for E.ON bonds may often be found under the category "foreign issuers".

The coupon payments are transferred automatically to the reference account of your depository account. You do not have to initiate specific actions to receive them.

Further information about E.ON can be found here. Also, we are happy to send you our latest financial report. If you have further questions, please get in touch. 

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