E.ON and Volkswagen
Group Components:
Easy, mobile, ultra-fast charging

E.ON Drive Booster – the first combined charging station and battery buffer.


  • Parallel charging with top charging performance up to 150 kW
  • 193 kWh internal battery capacity
  • Today’s cars powered up in just 25 minutes
  • Max. 40 kW grid connection possible
  • No need for a complex grid connection

The Challenge

Due to high growth rate of E-Mobility across the world, there is a clear need for a cost-efficient, flexible, fast charging infrastructure in both urban and rural areas.

The challenge for E.ON and VW was to create an ultra-fast charger that you can set up ultra-fast without complex and expensive grid connection.

Particularly the grid connection costs and extensive civil works keep many communities and companies from setting up their own ultra-fast charging stations. The charging station must be connectable to existing network infrastructure at low costs and easily transportable to other locations.


Ultra-fast charging

No complex grid connection needed

For various customer use cases

The Solution

The E.ON Drive Booster, developed by Volkswagen Group Components, can be set up wherever electric cars should be able to power up. Featuring two charging points and delivering a top charging performance of 150 kW, today’s cars can be powered up in nearly 25 minutes and continue their journey. Thanks to the built-in battery with a capacity of just under 200 kWh, the charging station does not need a high-power grid connection. A commercially available CEE outlet or a 40kW grid connection is all you need. This continually “fills up” the charging station. The definition of maximum flexibility.

Our collaboration enables us to bring electric mobility in Europe to the next level. The innovative charging solution is complemented by a highly modern IT system, which monitors and controls the charging station and invoices the charging period. Each community and company can also choose the level of operation, including supply of green energy.


The first plug-and-play quick charging system

100% battery operation even whithout grid connection

Supply possible with 100% green power

Easy installation

The Results

Several Drive Booster pilot chargers have already successfully been installed in Wolfsburg. In the second half of 2020, E.ON and Volkswagen Group Components will intensively test the new charger at eight different pilot locations and launch them under the name E.ON Drive Booster at the beginning of 2021.

The charger delivers a cost-efficient solution to the customer with a variety of options – from leasing over financing to purchasing. The E.ON Drive Booster solution incorporates service, installation and ongoing operation but each community and company can also choose the level of operations, including supply of green energy. This offers the highest flexibility for our customers.

The market that we want to serve does not yet exist. We are showing how we do it and that is why we see ourselves as a cooperation partner for E.ON.

Sebastian Genschow, executive of the Berlin start-up Ekaros