Simris – 100% renewable, local power is possible

E.ON Innovation brings up to 100% renewable power to the Swedish village of Simris.


  • The Interflex project in Simris, led by E.ON innovation, was the first to demonstrate the energy system of the future.
  • The innovative system brings up to 100% renewable, locally generated power to the Swedish village of Simris by combining solar panels, wind turbines, battery energy storage, smart energy management and a fully committed citizen energy community.
  • The project enabled the villagers of Simris to generate and store their own green power, creating a community of self-sufficient and engaged energy users.

The Challenge

Back in 2015, the big question at E.ON Innovation was, “How can we deliver the energy system of the future?” E.ON’s vision foresaw a futuristic energy system: up to 100% renewable, locally produced, and centered around engaged customers involved in generating, supplying, and storing their own power.

To prove society was ready for such as solution, we needed a pilot project. The perfect place for the pilot? Simris. Simris is a small Swedish village located in one of the windiest and sunniest regions of the country. Simris is also home to a community of villagers excited about sustainable power.

up to 100% renewable

locally produced

centered around engaged customers

The Solution

To bring renewable, local, community-centric power to Simris, the E.ON Innovation team created a highly advanced, innovative energy system. This system integrates wind power, PV panels, battery energy storage, smart residential assets, and intelligent network control.

Two battery energy storage systems were provided, to store locally produced power for when there was a surplus and to supply villagers with this green power whenever it is needed and cannot be produced, such as at night. In addition, the battery storage used also helps to balance the grid which forms the backbone of the community. At the heart of the project was the desire to create an enthusiastic citizen energy community of prosumers – meaning villagers who are both producers and consumers of the locally generated renewable power.

provide energy storage system

balance the grid which is the backbone

create an enthusiastic citizen energy community of prosumers

The Results

The energy system in Simris could run on up to 100% renewable power generated by local PV and wind turbines – if necessary even in island mode, with no connection to the main grid. This distinguishes Simris from every other energy system in the world. Moreover, its existence proves the possibility of a completely self-sufficient and sustainable energy system already today.

Furthermore, the knowledge and insights gained from the Interflex project in Simris provided the foundation for several innovation projects across Europe. Due to the success of the Simris project, we can now connect large PV systems to our electricity grids far faster and more cost-effectively – thus accelerating energy transition.

In addition, the energy community in Simris serves as a best practice example. The Simris villagers understood how important the use of renewable power is for a sustainable energy transition. Moreover, whether as consumers, producers, or prosumers of locally generated, renewable power each of them contributed to the village’s transition.

The insights we gained in Simris are the base for many innovation projects in Europe. Now we can integrate renewables faster and empower citizens, who will play a keyrole in energy transition.

Luis Hernandez, Head of Energy Communities and Networks at E.ON Innovation