OMNe - The holistic charging infrastructure plan, tailor-made for you.

eMobility, energy profile and grid characteristics combined in one integrated solution.


  • At E.ON we are committed to delivering products and services that save our customers time and money – and help them minimise their impact on the environment. With OMNe, our holistic charging infrastructure plan, we aim to enhance the development of eMobility infrastructure. We want to transform the process into an innovative, integrated solution that meets our customers’ exact requirements.
  • OMNe incorporates information about your eMobility operations such as charging behaviors and fleet size with your energy profiles and grid characteristics. By harnessing this data in one platform customers can get valuable insights into their individual charging infrastructure plan.
  • Using OMNe’s calculation tool enables Key Account Managers to give customers a high quality initial estimation about their charging infrastructure requirements. Customers will have greater insights into their investment and Key Account Managers will enjoy the opportunity to add value during the sales conversation.

The Challenge

Historically, B2B customers only experienced a slow and fragmented sales consultancy. They couldn’t get the data and insights they needed to make informed decisions and control costs. It was tricky and time-consuming to get straightforward answers about the budget and resources needed. OMNe helps Key Account Managers smooth the sales process and deliver a more integrated, holistic and swift solution to customers.

Before using OMNe, Key Account Managers had to calculate each specific solution for their customers’ fleets. This is complex work with a high margin for error. Taking each customer’s exact needs into account is time consuming and is not an attractive proposition to new or established customers.

Energy consumption beyond the contractual agreements made, result in a more than proportionate increase in costs for the customer. Especially in Germany charging-related peaks for instance can cause immense costs for performance-measured customers with quarter-hourly values.


How many charging points do I need to charge electrical vehicles?

Can my site's electric infrastructure support electric vehicle charging?

Which solution offers me the best value for money?

The Solution

E.ON is committed to guiding the customer every step of the way. Helping them find the right solution to fit their needs. Due to the Key Account Manager’s expertise and experience, they are able to consult with the customer and offer the right guidance quickly and accurately. The Key Account Managers can talk the customer through which types of electrical infrastructure are needed for the desired number of vehicles. This seamless process is made possible thanks to OMNe. It is E.ON’s innovative digital consulting tool that integrates electric mobility, the energy profile and network characteristics. This holistic approach allows the customer to make easier decisions and choose the most future-proofed and financially viable solution for their needs.

The tool was developed in E.ON’s new Innovation unit, in close cooperation with Data.ON and eMobility business. It will be introduced to the German market September. Further launches to E.ON’s other markets are planned. The OMNe project is just another example of E.ON’s capabilities and expertise in eMobility and energy networks. It is part of our ongoing mission to deliver data-driven solutions to all our customers.


Analysing EV behavior & characteristics

Calculating number of charge points needed

Calculating energy demand by charging infrastructure

Assessing the grid connection
Group 8

Tailoring the solution including dynamic load management for optimal EV charging

The Results

The benefits of using OMNe for Key Account Managers

  • Key Account Managers are able to give expert, detailed and accurate advice during the sales process and be perceived as thought leaders in the energy sector.
  • Key Account Managers can save time when making calculations by having eMobility and energy infrastructure integrated into one accurate tool.
  • Key Account Managers have the ability to deliver accurate and high-quality initial estimations early on in the sales process.
  • Key Account Managers are able to harness all the required data in one transparent solution that can be shared easily with the B2B customer.

The benefits of using OMNe for Customers

  • Customers can enjoy an integrated eMobility and infrastructure solution from E.ON, a globally trusted leader in the energy sector.
  • The individual charging infrastructure plan can be used by the customer for easy onboarding of internal stakeholder and internal decision processes
  • The simple yet data-proven visualization provides a good foundation to explain and understand the different charging plan options
  • For our corporate customers, OMNe makes the decision easier which charging infrastructure to choose, by providing an accurate integral plan in a short time – and all this digitally.

    Mathias Wiecher, Global Head of eMobility, E.ON Drive

  • We will continue to work on the development of the OMNe tool with the integration of the Group's know-how from Customer Solutions, Energy Networks and Data Analytics and integrate new functions on a modular basis. In the next step, the tool will also be adapted to the specifics of other E.ON stores so that it can be used abroad.

    Mark Ritzmann, MD E.ON Group Innovation GmbH

  • OMNe is the result of leveraging our capabilities and deep expertise in customer solution, eMobility business as well as energy networks. Throughout the development of this digital solution, the focus has clearly been set on the creation of a customer-oriented, and data-driven solution. With OMNe, we seek to further enable and boost the development of eMobility solutions tailored to customers’ needs and requirements.

    Lioudmila Simon, Head of Innovation Networked Mobility at E.ON Group Innovation GmbH