Super-fast, unrestricted
charging for urban eMobility

The first semi self-sufficient, fast charging eMobility system!


  • Metropolitan fast-charging park is the first semi self-sufficient fast charging park in Germany.
  • The park offers an integrated solution of fast charging, PV and battery.
  • The park only requires a small grid connection to operate.
  • Metropolitan fast-charging park delivers sustainable and efficient fast charging in urban areas.
  • We are now able to offer this convenient form of charging to our customers everywhere, without overloading the grid.

The Challenge

There is a clear demand for affordable fast charging infrastructure in urban areas, for drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) who do not have their own charging infrastructure at home or at work. Today, public charging facilities in the cities are mostly based on 22kW chargers, and the charging process takes too much time. The fast-charging process (<50 kW) would enable much faster charging, however, as grid connection in urban areas for such charging systems is typically limited, we need to find alternative solutions to costly upgrades of grid connection capacity for charging.

A fast-charging park based on an integrated solution that combines charging, battery, and PV could be a solution. This, however, would require optimised interaction of all components and intelligent energy management to deliver the most efficient operation. For example, this could include an optimal interplay of the energy flows, or control logic of the battery.


fast charging

in urban areas

The Solution

Key facts of the solution:

  • 4 x 150 kW fast Charger (DC)
  • 4 x 22 kW Charger (AC)
  • 27,5 kWp PV system with around 26,000 kWh PV generation, which would be sufficient for 200,000 km green, emission free kilometers produced
  • Battery with 210 kWh capacity and 350 kW peak power to enable fast charging in areas with a limited grid capacity.
  • Intelligent load/ energy management system (EMS)
  • Available for the customers 24/7
  • The PV roof allows the vehicle to be charged while being protected from rain
  • Located in the city of Duisburg at the A42/A59 highway crossing near the A3/A40

Even in the case of full utilisation, the charging park will not create any bottlenecks for the grid. If charging takes place at each charging station with maximum available power exceeding the grid connection capacity, intelligent operation algorithms prevent max. possible charging of the electric vehicles. This has been confirmed by a stress test conducted within the pilot project.

fast charging park

with battery

and PV

The Results

The project “Electric mobility in cities – fast charging for the urban routine” has proven that eMobility services can become available everywhere and provide an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution to EV drivers. In addition, thanks to the integrated battery, there is no demand for a big grid connection as some of the required power can be stored.

The photovoltaic plant generates clean, local power which is also fed into the battery. This further increases the degree of self-sufficiency of the charging park and subsequently, the power from the grid drops even further. This makes it possible for people to recharge their vehicles very quickly without creating bottlenecks for the grid.

As a result:

  • We know what a fast charging eMobility station of the future looks like without creating any bottlenecks for the grid. The charging station will consist of fast chargers, PV, battery and intelligent energy management systems.
  • With the fast charging park in Duisburg we enable eMobility transition making it efficient, convenient and sustainable

In the next step, we are planning to use the battery on-site for provision of flexibility for the balancing markets and therefore making the charging park more attractive for the operator via additional revenue streams.

That's how it is supposed to be! Today CHAdeMO loaded. Very well-kept charging park. In my opinion, such a charging park should be in every city.

eMobility enthusiasts (03/2019),