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Customers Investor Relations Careers Innovation Sustainability About E.ON

Residential buildings will play a central role in the energy transition. Already today, the energy use in our homes accounts for about one-tenth of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. However, connecting homes that rely on low-carbon technologies to the electricity networks poses poses several issues. These themes and more are explored in a whitepaper by Delta EE titled ‘Overcoming challenges for new network connections’.

In Stockholm, Swedes are scraping the leftovers off their dinner plates and saving the scraps for the local biogas plant. Find out how the innovative Högbytorp recycling plant is running cars and tackling the growing problem of food waste.

Hidden beneath London lies a power plant with a rich and fascinating history – and it could lead the way towards a greener future for the United Kingdom. Citigen is mapping a greener future for thousands of downtown Londoners.

The battle lines have been drawn, as the fight for the dominant user interface of the future becomes even more competitive. In one corner is the reigning champion: touch. In the other corner is the promising young upstart: voice. Which will come out on top and determine the way we input and interact with digital devices for the years and decades to come?

When we imagine electric vehicles, most of us naturally think of them as energy consumers. But some electric cars don’t just absorb energy. They’re also able to share surplus power by feeding it back into the grid thanks to smart home energy management systems.

Asphalt jungles, cosmopolitan webs or urban beehives? It’s hard to choose which natural metaphor best fits many of today’s cities. But as E.ON’s rollout of the innovative ectogridTM technology shows, there’s still much inspiration we can take from the animal kingdom in terms of powering our cities a little more smartly.

Everybody needs good neighbours. Especially if you're dependent on them for your electricity. Could community and neighbourhood systems and tariffs drive the adoption and conversation of green energy?

We've all looked enviously at the Hollywood elite with their roster of personal assistants buzzing around in the background, organising every facet of their personal and professional lives. Wouldn't it be amazing to have somebody dedicated solely to making your life easier too?

When it comes to energy, few sources are as reliable as our own bodies. Since the beginning of times, we’ve huddled and cuddled not only for comfort and safety but often simply to keep warm. And yet, besides using our breath to thaw our cold hands in winter, there don’t seem to be that many obvious applications out there which use excess body warmth.