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Our world is changing. Everything is becoming “smarter”, more personal, and immediate for our energy customers, so we’re evolving. To experience the future of energy, visit us at Hannover Messe (Hall 27, Stand L50) because the future has already begun. #Tomorrowison.

We’re concentrating on the new energy world and focusing on reducing climate change. Our networks are smart, our solutions even smarter, so our customers have a world of options from which to choose   ̶  from using green energy to storing the energy they’ve produced or simply feeding it back into the grid. Together, we’ll help you find the best solution for you. When it comes to energy  ̶  whether for your home, company, or community   ̶  we’ll work with you to design the right energy solution.

Because together we can help you realise your plans for the future  ̶  today.

E.ON Drive e-mobility solutions for the future

Demand for electric vehicles is picking up speed. E.ON Drive is the ideal partner for e-mobility solutions in Germany, Scandinavia, the UK, Eastern Europe, and Italy, providing tailor-made charging concepts for private households, companies, and municipalities, making e-mobility as simple as possible for our customers.

In order to offer our customers in Germany comprehensive technical and sales expertise, we have bundled our nationwide e-mobility activities into a joint venture between E.ON Energie Deutschland and the four regional utilities Avacon, Bayernwerk, E.DIS, and HanseWerk. This joint company, Charge-ON GmbH, markets its products and services under the brand name E.ON Drive as well as under the brands of our regional utility companies, which are particularly relevant for our municipal partners.

Find out about how we are working to create a Europe-wide ultra-fast charging network to make cross-border travel seamless in the future.


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