Innovation Days 2019

Creating a world of energy freedom

We live in a world where clean and renewable energy is becoming reality. Energy is being democratized and put into the hands of the many as we move from a world of dominant central generation to cleaner, smaller, localized energy sources where energy connections are becoming the ‘internet of energy’.

Anyone can create an energy community and power up the growing internet of things with their connected smart devices. Every single person can produce their own power and enjoy energy freedom.

At the Innovation Days 2019, we explored the opportunities to set energy free and many other things the universe has in store for us. 

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Highlights from Innovation Days 2018

Intelligence for a new energy world

Under the theme of "Intelligence for a new energy world" we provided a two-day forum of inspiration, interaction and exchange to jointly explore the pathways into the new energy era. Visions, insights and thoughts has been shared to the energy community, by providing the inspiration, imagination and the excitement to embark to a better energy future for all of us.