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Dr. Johannes Teyssen, CEO


Everything will be electric. This is the prospect of a sustainable, highly networked energy world that is knocking on our door. Far-reaching, clean and decentralised electrification of our environment with everything we need for our everyday lives is already underway. We at E.ON take responsibility for connecting everything in this energy world in the future: customers and partners as well as smart services and products. Much of this will also take place where the new E.ON has always been at home – in the regional power and distribution networks. They are the lifelines of green energy that is available everywhere. The future starts now.

Intelligent and infinitely linked

Clean power for everyone – from everyone. This is the new energy world that the new E.ON is shaping together with its partners and customers. Only together will we be able to master the future challenges of the energy transformation. Our distribution network is the pioneer behind these efforts and the key to our success. By integrating decentralised, climate-friendly energy solutions into our grids, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our energy supply. Furthermore, we are expanding our distribution networks into a smart grid by relying on digital technology. This will enable us to distribute renewable energy optimally – reliably and sustainably.

The old linear energy world becomes a smart grid that absorbs, distributes and feeds electricity. A community of prosumers, who not only purchase, but also generate electricity on a decentralised basis is emerging where producers and consumers once stood. 

With municipal combined heat and power plants, electricity from industrial waste heat or solar modules on buildings, for example. All partners on energy participate in this network.

We are driving the energy transformation and taking our customers and partners along with us into the Internet of Energy.

Tailor-made and sustainable energy

Climate protection is a global challenge – anchored in the Global Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. For example, the EU adopted the revised Directive on Energy Efficiency in 2018. It obligates member states to increase their energy efficiency by 32.5 percent compared to 2007 by 2030. Saving CO2 has top priority, and future generations rightly expect this from us. We can achieve these goals if we completely rethink energy production and energy supply as a climate-conscious community.

Enormous potential lies in decentralised power generation. And E.ON connects millions of small and large energy producers. CO2-free energy will thus be available in virtually unlimited supply in the future. In fact, in Germany, already today, more than 90 percent of the facilities that generate electricity from wind, solar and biogas, feed electricity directly into the E.ON distribution network.

With our network infrastructure and tailored energy solutions for industry, municipalities and households, we are the partner of choice for a sustainable energy supply. Together, we develop new ways to generate, store, transport and use energy more efficiently – and thus actively participate in redesigning the energy world.

Power from waste heat

Electricity from waste heat represents the largest globally unused source of energy. Around half of the heat generated in industry is lost. We develop sustainable solutions together with our customers to exploit this potential. For Binero Group’s data centre in Sweden that feeds waste heat into the district heating network, for example. Surplus energy provides heat to surrounding cities.

Binero Group AB

Urban energy

We also support cities in achieving their municipal climate targets. For sustainable urban development, we offer integrated concepts for heating, cooling, electricity and electric mobility from a single source. In London’s Elephant & Castle district, we are converting the heating supply for 3,000 apartments and 50 shops to 100 percent renewable energy by 2023. Two biogas-fired combined heat and power plants will reduce its energy costs by 30 percent.

Elephant & Castle

Heading into the digital age together

We view digitalisation as the key to achieving the energy transformation. After all, green energy means more and more decentralised producers. On the other hand, external factors also influence the amount of energy that is produced. Digitalisation allows for both factors to be controlled. Thanks to digitalisation, it is much easier to integrate the many producers into the power grid and to manage the available resources cleverly. Artificial intelligence makes power grids more stable and algorithms help to identify the needs and distribute loads better.

Smart grid, predictive maintenance, smart metering and artificial intelligence are the backbone of sustainable energy management. We consider ourselves digital pioneers and turn our customers into pioneers too. Whether they are municipalities, companies or private individuals, we provide them with the appropriate tools to be able to control their energy consumption at all times. 

Our customers throughout Europe are already benefiting from energy management in the digital age, supported by easy-to-use dashboards and IT platforms. Just as heating in the smart home can be controlled via a smartphone, larger facilities can be conveniently managed in real time by using the right tools. Digitalisation enables smart use of renewable energy and reduces emissions. And it enables us to bring fast Internet to rural areas with broadband and fibre optic networks.

A co-learning system for higher effciency

South East London have complete control over their energy consumption. Together with the construction company Berkeley, we installed E.ON Home in their homes. This product enables residents to measure and control their energy consumption. E.ON Home is gradually learning their habits and developing into a virtual assistant that helps them use energy more efficiently. By 2018, E.ON had already installed around 3.4 million smart metres across Europe (without innogy).

E.ON Home

Energy becomes a movement


Clean energy will be available everywhere in unlimited supply in the near future: Electricity from wind and water power, solar energy and biomass, as well as green gas, generated from renewable energy sources. But by working together, we create the strongest force behind this energy revolution. The goal is not only to achieve sustainable energy production, but rather a better future for us all. If we all join forces, the possibilities are endless. Every idea can be the spark for a new technology or an innovative product. That is why E.ON believes in collaboration with its customers and partners. And in the #futurelab, we promote the exchange of ideas and inventiveness, take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation, and work with international start-ups to develop the energy solutions of tomorrow.

One of the megatrends of the future is just starting to take off: electric mobility. Together, E.ON and innogy are the leading international provider of electric mobility solutions with a network of 36,000 charging points in 25 countries. Energy is being democratised, stored and made mobile.

High flyer project: Berlin TXL

A state-of-the-art urban quarter is being built at Berlin Tegel, where aircraft still take off to day. Here, Berliner Stadtwerke is working with E.ON to implement a revolutionary energy concept with the world’s largest low-temperature network. Green energy is generated, stored and consumed in a decentralised and sustainable manner in combined heat and power plants, solar systems, geothermal energy and wastewater heat. The network serves as an energy exchange point.

Berlin Tegel Projekt

Sustainable urban development

The future has already begun in Hyllie. This district of Malmö in Sweden is a sustainable city with a model character. Since 2011, E.ON has been  working with the city council and the local utility to achieve its goal of meeting Hyllie’s energy needs completely from wind power, solar energy, biomass and recycled energy from organic waste. The houses are equipped with smart metres, photovoltaic systems and storage units, and residents optimise their energy consumption via apps. A car-sharing pool with electric cars is part of the district. Similar sustainable, energy self-sufficient neighbourhoods are being built in Germany and the United Kingdom in partnership with E.ON.



We will all be energy partners in the world of tomorrow – connected to each other and united in the goal of creating a more sustainable world for everyone. We at E.ON will play an important role in shaping this change with our networks and customer solutions. Putting the customer at the centre of our business means understanding him and forming a long-term personal relationship. The new E.ON strives to be an important pillar in a community of producing consumers and partners. Through mutual trust, transparency and respectful cooperation.

Dr. Thomas König
Dr. Karsten Wildberger

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