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We are the first major European energy company to be fully focused on the new energy world. The most important players in this are our customers. You are shaping your energy requirements sustainably and inspire us to offer efficient solutions for your green and sustainable living, working and mobility. Let’s work together towards a sustainable future and zero CO₂.

With our individually tailored customer solutions, we supply power, gas and heat. We enhance your energy efficiency and autonomy, increase your comfort, and reduce your carbon emissions. Our energy networks are efficient, reliable and innovative. They even serve as smart platforms managing complex energy and data flows. We develop and manage large renewable assets and market their output.

Our Solutions

E.ON Home

E.ON Home

Are you a Home Energy Pioneer?

Your home is evolving. With new innovative technology it’s never been easier to harness the power of nature to generate your own electricity or heat, or simply reduce your CO₂ footprint. Thanks to E.ON Home, you can securely and intelligently manage how and when you use the energy you make, and even decide where to store it. All managed through a simple dashboard on your tablet or computer.

Now your home can give you the comfort and lifestyle you desire – heating, lighting, powering devices and charging your electric vehicle – the power is in your hands.

City Energy Solutions

City Energy Solutions

We help you achieve your CO₂ reduction goals through decentralised, intelligent energy supply. This means providing low carbon sources of heating and cooling, coupled with a range of solutions such as e-mobility and solar, to meet your specific needs. Along with storage technologies and digital solutions we harmonise and optimise sustainability, security of supply and economic efficiency.

From conception to implementation, we develop individual and sustainable solutions tailored to you. In addition to the development of the technical and economic concept, we can take care of the implementation, ongoing operations and maintenance and offer you various financing and partnership models.

Business Solutions

Helping businesses thrive

To survive and thrive in the future, businesses will need to be creative with every aspect of their operations. And that includes how they manage energy. What if you could turn wasted power into spending power, or new legislation into a competitive advantage?

By partnering with E.ON to implement imaginative energy solutions, your business will be able to prosper in the new era of sustainability. We provide everything from energy consultancy and management to bespoke solutions and remote maintenance and optimisation.

Network Services

Connecting the New Energy World – our network services

The new energy world is highly interconnected. More and more energy is generated directly by customers in small, decentralised plants and distributed via regional and local networks. E.ON‘s network operators stand for reliability as well as innovation and thus connect people, villages and cities.

With our technical expertise, we build customised substations, maintain large power transformers, or design and build modern power and gas lines – not only for our own networks, but also on behalf of our customers. As energy solutions partner, E.ON’s network companies are also well established in the areas of street lighting, transformer rental, grid control as well as customer and operational services.

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